they didn’t like the “prep+” club from frank ocean

so someone went to the “prep+” club opening.
it was the secret club that frank ocean opened ( x last week ).
you know i wanted the full scoop of what happened inside.
there was a ton of backlash about the “goings ons” inside the party.
well this is what someone had to font who went…

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Peter Rabbit Got Folks Out Here Having Temper Tantrums ‘N’ Shit

 folk are getting extremely sensitive.
od to the tenth power.
someone is always “up in arms” about something silly.
the latest nonsense in sensitivity is the backlash of the movie,
“peter rabbit”.
the live animated movie that is out right now.
well there is a scene that deals with food allergies that is catching heat.
this is what “eater” had to say…
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Did Ya’ll Kill Porn Star August Ames?

do porn stars have rights?
might not be because some of ya’ll might have killed august ames.
no disrespect,
but i literally just ( x watched this foxxx ) the other day.
moreso for the wolf in it,
but i didn’t realize she was the actress.
i’m usually not paying attention to vixens all that much.
before her death,
she tweeted she didn’t want to do a scene with a porn actor who has done gay porn.
as you can imagine,
everyone went at her crazy.
her suicide might have to do with the online backlash.
this is the story via complex
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Keith Powers Serves Up An Apology Video For Lunch

keith powers took to his ig story to further apologize.
this is an update to the earlier entry this morning…
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All The Blacks Want Nothing To Do With Michael B Jordan?

tumblr_nuzvvfn8dX1sevsyjo1_1280so it seems michael b jordan has put his foot down his throat.
he out here looking like a severe “new black”.
one that has officially pissed off a majority of his black vixen fan base.
you know what that means?
the “taye diggs effect” is shortly coming.
broadway and cancelled tv shows.
so michael b jordan’s first problem was an alleged snapchat of him saying:

“all lives matter”

people looked at him crazy after his role in “fruitvale station”.
( x and saying this to oprah )
now there is no evidence of this alleged video,
but that’s the rumor in the fox vine.
you can head over to twitter and read the opinions.
this it where it starts to get ugly.
the question about him dating kendall jenner comes up.
well he goes in the upcoming gq october issue about says this…
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