Did Ya’ll Kill Porn Star August Ames?

do porn stars have rights?
might not be because some of ya’ll might have killed august ames.
no disrespect,
but i literally just ( x watched this foxxx ) the other day.
moreso for the wolf in it,
but i didn’t realize she was the actress.
i’m usually not paying attention to vixens all that much.
before her death,
she tweeted she didn’t want to do a scene with a porn actor who has done gay porn.
as you can imagine,
everyone went at her crazy.
her suicide might have to do with the online backlash.
this is the story via complex

Adult film star August Ames has died. The Ventura County medical examiner’s office confirmed Ames’ death Wednesday, XBIZ reported. She was 23.

“She was the kindest person I ever knew and she meant the world to me,” Kevin Moore, Ames’ husband, said Wednesday. “Please leave this as a private family matter in this difficult time.”

At the time of this writing, the cause of death had not been determined.

Ames had recently received backlash online for comments she made about shooting with men who perform in gay porn productions. Ames, addressing the backlash in recent tweets, pushed back against those who called the comments homophobic.

there are a number of tweets on her page,
but these are her main ones leading up:

and her final tweet:

being 100

Is it wrong to think folks need to stop being so offended over everything?

personally fonting,
i don’t get offended over silly shit like this.
she did porn for God sakes.
she wasn’t curing cancer or not operating on someone who’s gay.
i don’t particularly like most straights,
but i deal with them or don’t.
she had a right to whatever she wanted or not wanted to.
this is still a free country,
this society of:


is getting real annoying.
judging from her tweets,
she was answering all of them.
there’s a point you just move on and let folks huff and puff.
i mean,
she could have killed herself because her postmates was late.
i don’t know,
but if the reason is “the story”,
then it’s sad she was driven to that point.
i had to wonder tho…

Will this situation be considered “online bullying”?


article taken: complex

see all her tweets and replies: twitter

21 thoughts on “Did Ya’ll Kill Porn Star August Ames?

  1. You all be sure to keep this same energy when another porn star says she refuses to do porn with black men because their more likely to have hiv and aids versus white ppl. Smh. You all are disgusting for giving her dusty tail a pass. She’s done over 290 films with men and WOMEN which is also GAY and she really believes she hasn’t slept with a GAY man before? She’s stupid.

  2. I’m just gonna not go in-depth too much this time but..

    Damn. This world is so desensitized it’s a shame. A bunch of narcissistic pansy’s who cry over opinions. Social media is a double edged sword…so many Internet warriors with no skills.

    If someone loses their life through suicide it is ALWAYS sad. 23 years old. I don’t find fault in her comments saying what she wanted to say but we’ve been down this road before…

    Honestly, If I had the power, I’d fine everyone with “negative death comments” .

    They do the same things with celebs and musicians. I literally almost had a fight with a boy at college once because the professor was on a subject of music & I said something about Nikki Minaj not being relevant to me…and this boy cocked an attitude and shouted, “Oh she’s very relevant.” And I said back to him, “Well how relevant are you to her? Why don’t you give her call and see if she picks up?”

    He look like he was ready to fight and I was waiting for him to jump stupid.

    Anyways, that was my opinion, if you don’t like, move on & go about but biz. People don’t even have your voice these days. You can’t say anything without someone speaking death on you or saying we as a race disown that person…You just have to “blend” in with crowd to get by else you’re a hater or a traitor.

    Folks gotta stop giving these negative folks power.

    She wasn’t homophobic but not all gay porn studios test their models, (some straights don’t either.)but obviously she doesn’t want to catch anything. I know if I was in her shoes, I’d day the same thing.

    If you had a porn scene to do with a model, you’d want to make sure he/she was screened as well. Just because porn models have sex, doesn’t make them drones.

    Porn is a business…Not an everlasting orgy of orgasms. Scenes are prepared with consideration, it’s the folks at home that be all nasty behind closed doors but wanna rant on Porn Models like they are better..lol

    I honestly, wish she had a stronger spirit, cut off all of her notifications and move on.

    I won’t say to much more since I’ll go on and on about other stuff so I’ll just post in another topic.

    1. Meh. We all got opinions. She had hers and the people lighting her mentions up had theirs. Oh well. RIP tho.

  3. I don’t feel sorry for a person who killed themselves she should a woman up and apologize to the LGBT community when she said disgusting I understand where the bisexual men are upset. It’s funny these openly gay porn stars get mad at a female porn star for refusing a guy who did Gayporn but openly gay porn stars refusing to do a straight porn scene with a woman The reason why I said that because openly gay porn stars are not going to do straight porn anyway so they don’t have to worry about this that’s why I get bisexual men being upset about what she say and hypocritical thing is that some of these straight female porn stars who defend her want to work with a open gay porn star that they have a crush on because some of these women of course that are big fans of gay porn stars I saw this on Twitter the other day A female porn star was trying to ask a openly gay porn star can He do a film with her and he said no I am gay and she got upset with him a call on the F word these gay porn stars are getting death threats from her fans that’s not right they should not be playing for her da are getting death threats from her fans that’s not right they should not be blamed for her death she did this on herself she a coward

  4. I’m sorry she took her life but I don’t consider this online bullying, anyone who post anything thing online knows there is good and bad. The fact that she is a porn actress doesn’t make me look down on her or what she says ( like KRB said most of us on here watch and enjoy there people giving us sexual release.) it’s the fact that she (like a lot of straight people ) is automatically assuming she’s gonna catch something from a guy who has fucked another guy that is what has some people up in arms about her comment.

    I don’t see this situation as a “people getting overly offended over every little thing” kind of situation, you the right to say and think however you want to, just like people have the right to disagree with your opinion. it’s her body and she can do whatever she wants with it but sharing what you’re doing with that said body ( or posting anything ) online for thousands to see instead of keeping it to yourself is opening the door to anything.

  5. It’s her body and health, and if she felf that she would be ask risk, she could have respectfully declined working with the guy and kept it moving. Her comments could have drove the other person to kill themself too. By going on twitter and handling it the way that she did was immature, and also a bit hypocritical since she’s a porn star who doesn’t always have protected sex. She could be looked at as ‘unsafe’ imo.

    Also I’m stunned that someone who’s married, killed themselfs over online comments made by people she doesn’t even know. Your porn career can’t be the end all be all in life. Just turn away from twitter. But I get that she had issues with depression before, so I get that the comments could have triggered something . It’s kinda sad.

    And yes, it seems like online, the same anger people have for Hitler, is the same anger they have for everything else. But ONLY ONLINE. Some people could just be ignored. And I get that little things can turn into bigger things, but we have to learn that some peoples whole existence is bassed off of attention(good and/or bad). Not to say that you can’t criticize, but step back and ask yourself if that person is even worth your time. She had absolutely no power over anything. She’s wasn’t a director, producer, the one cutting checks, and wasn’t even a well known star. I bet more than half of the people who left her comments have never payed for porn or even knew she existed, and yet have this energy as if they did.

  6. If a female porn stay can say she don’t want to work with a man who has done gay porn because he is more likely to have STD or HIV.Then she can also say I won’t work with a black man because they are more likely to have HIV than a white man.Would that be racist?

    1. Interestingly enough, there are a LOT of female porn actresses that will not film scenes with black porn stars. Don’t know their names off hand but I’ve read stories. I do know that Jenna Jamison was one of them back in her heyday.

    2. Racist? Arguable, Ignorant? Yes. I mean, anyone you’re letting inside you is a risk, acting like just because someone is black or gay, they’re going to have something while at the same time pretending like if your partner is straight or white that they are suddenly “clean” is still reckless to one’s health. Regardless of race or orientation, the concern should be if they are well tested, and by taking proper protection procedures (using a condom etc).

      It’s stupid all the way around. I understand if her concern was her health, but being gay or black has little to do with that.
      If she didnt want to have sex with a gay man, just because he’s gay, that would make a lot more sense to me. She’s entitled to that, and no one should be offended because it’s mutual, but to insinuate she doesnt want to perform out of a concern for health, well, yeah, that statement was ignorant lol. Not offended by her though.

      My question is, why do we know this? Idk why these types of things needed to be posted, just talk to your director, producer about that stuff, this just seems like a private matter. She’s in her right to not have sex with anyone she feels uncomfortable with but why the announcement? My generation is embarrassing.

  7. I seen this other day on another blog I didn’t take offense to this because this isn’t my first time hearing somebody say this. Literally every female performer say they don’t like doing any scene with bisexual men they been saying this for years.

    But these damn gays took this shit so over the extreme I seen someone say take this down or overdose on some pills. I’m sitting here like it be funny if she really kill herself because of you. Their also a pornstar name Jaxton Wheeler that made like 20 videos ranting about her choices. He was one of the people who made the girl kill herself.

  8. It is a free country and people have the right to say what they want and people also have the right to respond to what to what you say. Freedom of speech doesn’t mean freedom from consequences or criticism.

    If you put something out on a public platform then expect people to respond. Everybody wants to post all their business, thoughts, feelings and opinions online but then want to get mad when people comment on it. If you can’t handle people’s response to what you have to say then keep it to yourself.

    Also, can we stop looking down on sex workers? Everybody is out here beating their dicks and rubbing their clits to the content that porn stars and sex workers produce but then want to turn around and look down on what they do. Makes no sense

    1. KJD πŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎ

  9. How was her concern/refusal to do a scene with a guy who’s done gay porn homophobic? HIV anyone?! And no, it’s not limited to the gays, but anyone in their right mind would think twice about that.

    1. Straight porn has been shut down on several occasions due to viral and STD outbreaks. That’s the risk you take when you do porn gay or straight. Mr Marcus a straight porn star caused a industry shut down after it was found out he was knowingly spreading syphilis and even went to jail for it. So let’s stop pretending like gay porn is so much more dangerous

      1. Don’t forget about Gay porn star rod daily he got HIV from his girlfriend Who was the female porn star in 2013 straight porn studios recently have a HIV outbreak in April 2017 they shut down all the straight porn studios but not the gay porn studios

      2. Wasn’t Brian Pumper involved in a similar industry scandal? Had something to do with falsifying his results or something like that.
        Pretty much killed what little career he had left, because he already had a bad rep for being difficult to work with.

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