andrew gillum and the twitter alert heard round the world

twitter alert:

Some “straight” males are having sex with vixens,
marrying them,
having kids with them,
and it still isn’t containing that raging homosexuality/bisexuality.

andrew gillum,
former mayor of tallahassee,
and democratic candidate for florida governor,
seems to have been caught up in his own twitter alert today.
he was caught up in a suspected crystal meth overdose with a gay escort in miami.
ey yi yi.
candace owens broke the news today on twitter,
with the police report and well…

not an alleged sex orgy!

andrew is also VERY married:

if this is true,
he couldn’t even get out of dodge before 911 arrived?

they knew he was a big deal,
but clearly they were really sloppy.
andrew ended up releasing a statement:

but candace refused to take her heels off his neck:

okay so candace is legit gunning for him.

travis dyson
is the “friend” who he was caught up with:

from what the foxhole is fonting me,
travis is an alleged attentionisto and escort.

big ol pipe and tail?
he is a dangerous weapon.
they questioned him via “miami new times” and his statement:

x source

does anyone not have their stories together??????
how guilty does that sound?
he has ( x a whole thread ) on “lpsg“.

not only that,
he is allegedly engaged to this gentleman:

it makes me wonder…

What other attentionistos are in a potential future scandal with a celeb,
baller wolf,
or politician?

you know those are whom are funding some of these lifestyles.
it’s all well and good until someone overdoses,
the news outlets are hiding out in your trash cans,
and you gotta put your accounts on private.
couple more questions i have:

Why was crystal meth the drug of choice tho?
Do folks not see what that drug does to your looks?

hate to see it.

low-key: i know the slap andrew received from his wife could be heard from alaska.

50 thoughts on “andrew gillum and the twitter alert heard round the world

  1. Andrew is entering rehab he said he’s been dealing with depression that lead to alcohol abuse.

  2. I happened to have grown up with Gillum’s wife, have known her for over 30 years. While there is always the possibility that I’m wrong, I don’t see him risking his marriage because Jai, his wife, is not one to be fucked with. Joking, not joking….he get lost on the Everglades.

    My biggest issue is the fact that every official and accredited news entity ran with the story despite the police report using words like “possible”, “appeared” and “suspected”, like it really takes that long to test the substance and do a tox screen on Gillum. The man was less than 40k votes away from being the Governor of Florida. I’m sure he knows better than to tell what I call a “stupid lie” because it is easily debunked, and I would have to be stupid to believe it.

    This kind of piss poor reporting is why Chicago is having such a hard time with Jussie Smollett: the police put out too many “suggestions”.

    1. She doesn’t look like one to be played with and she certainly doesn’t look like the type to let her husband go off to Miami for a “wedding” while she’s at home with the kids. That’s why I believe she knows and they have an arrangement. Plenty of wives of politicians look the other way under the condition they be careful and discreet.

      1. His wife has a relatively high profile job herself, so combined with being a mother, I can see how Andrew would travel solo. My mom and dad did/do it all the time; both work(ed) in the legal system as a prosecutor and judge, respectively.

  3. Okay, I held my tongue long enough…

    I’ma need y’all to stop being delusional… We are NOT going to sit up here and act like Gillum was less likely to end up in a situation like this had he not been a snow queen (assuming he is one despite little to no evidence) and had just “stayed with his own.” Need I remind y’all of the many black gay boys and trans-women that outed professional athletes and artists…??? Let’s run through some of the most recent right quick…

    Masin Elije claimed that he was Dwight Howard’s secret ex-bf and exploited the quick 15-mins of fame that came with being messy.
    Reima Houston, the trans-woman that gladly outed Bobby V. by recording him leaving the scene of the crime for not paying up. Homegirl did a whole 8-min interview BET to talk about the scandal. Y’all remember that…???
    Can’t remember her name, but the trans-woman that recorded the hookup with Young Buck (who’s currently in jail) and exposed him…

    And let’s not even get on Markeith “the DL Detective” Rivers (now Sabrina) for all the men she exposed for social media to see. She fanned the flames of homophobia in the black community doing what she did…

    So, let’s be clear…his reputation is destroyed not because of the breed, but because of Gillum’s poor pick of the litter. This happens when you are the only person who stands to lose something if things ever go south.

    I only feel sorry for his wife and kids.

    1. Those examples are fair, but none of those people were particularly relevant In general, much less important to the Democrat establishment.

      I don’t consider myself a Democrat anymore, but most blacks are clinging to the party and its highly unlikely they’d out him. The same way I never even heard anyone comment about his sexuality during all the media coverage of Florida’s election.

      I honestly wouldn’t even recognize Andrew Gillum in a sea of black people. He could be at a sex party and I wouldn’t know a thing Keke Palmer voice 🤷🏾‍♂️

      1. Part of the reason Black folks who may have known about his sexuality but kept silent is because ideologically he is a very progressive Democratic politician. Why destroy someone who is trying to do good things for most people, as opposed to spreading hate or just trying to help the rich, Wall Street, and corporations?

        Gillum’s record is pro-LGBTQ, he actively sought to help Black ex-convicts and working-class people (in part because his brothers were caught in the prison-industrial complex), he directed funding and resources into low-income communities in Tallahassee, and also promoted Black entrepreneurship.

        His politics benefited Black people and LGBTQs whatever their color. Don’t forget, Bernie Sanders endorsed him when he got the nomination to face DeSantis, who is a Trump toady.

  4. Candace tweeted an update she claims her source told her Andrew was not fully naked but Travis was.Also the reason they think they had sex was because there was blood and feces on the bed.She claims the police were wearing body cams and there is footage that will be coming out.She also said the police escorted Andrew home he didn’t make it home by himself and there is footage of that too.

      1. I just DM’d you 😄 Wouldn’t an escort prep before sex, it doesn’t sound right?

        1. Um, there were two butts in the room. One was loose, experienced, and likely douched.
          The other was Gillum’s.

  5. The fact this was an open secret from his FAMU days that obviously no one really knew outside of Tallahassee proves if he wasn’t missing with thotty, white meth heads his reputation would’ve still been in tact.

  6. Whew. This is a scandal lol He really did give me those vibes during his run, but I don’t like to speculate. Honestly, this does nothing to taint him in my eyes. He still fine as hell. If Andrew’s biggest crime is that he lied about his sexuality, that’s nothing.Trump has lowered the bar for American politics to the point where you can trip over it, Andrew could find a way back once he sorted out his personal life. White gays bend over (literally) backwards for their disgraced brethren. Bet money they find a way to resurrect Aaron Schock, who actually used his political power to harm the LGBTQ community. Black gays should do the same (if he turns out to be one) for Gillum.

  7. SIGH….these guys MUST be more careful and discreet…oops so sorry I’m from a different generation. These days anyone you fucking these MF automatically on Instagram or Facebook or some Fuckery. Where are those days when you and who you fucking is NO ONES FUCKING BUSINESS 🤔🤔

    As for that Candice what a piece of Fuckery she is? O guess as he’s a politician it’s OK to OUT him..SIGH…you play with dogs expect fleas 🤔🤔

  8. the surprise to me is not that this happened but he got caught. this has been the open secret since his famu days but see back then he was dealing with a small circle of brothers on campus. I guess his tastes or opportunity changed once he moved high in politics like the mayor etc. to not have left the hotel room prior to the cops getting there is sloppy on his part and also shows the other didn’t care are wanted his demise. thinking with your little head had taken how many powerful men down? but to be too drunk or high to leave the room before the cops got there and in a room with male escorts and drugs is on another level of stupidity especially considering the scandals he’s weathered to date. coupled with nobody confirming his version of the events is sadly pathetic in the least. just another lesson is self destruction that’s all. ppl get to the point where they think they can get away with something and get careless bc this didn’t just start with this one incident, been going on just didn’t get caught holding the bag

    1. He couldn’t leave before the cops got there because he might have taken too much meth and G, with alcohol if he was drinking it.

      That probably explains the vomiting and incoherence. Had he just been drunk, or high on weed or coke (or even crack), he might have been able to skedaddle out of there.

      But now I wonder if the room was a PnP spot & he, Mejias, the Yt trade, and other dudes planned to be to freak for hours.

      I hope he gets tested for HIV and other STIs, and is on PrEP, for his and his wife’s sake.

  9. it is a shame Andrew was a rising star…his political career and his marriage are both over…I thought he was smart and articulate and he came close to being the governor of Florida what a waste!

  10. I’ve been reading a lot of comments from people from Tallahassee and from people who attended FAMU with Andrew and they all claim it’s an open secret that he’s gay. Several claim his wife was a beard.But they all claim he didn’t do drugs not even weed.

    One guy on Datalounge said he doesn’t think Andrew was drunk he thinks he was on something called “G” because it makes you act drunk but it only last 15 minutes .I thought it was strange that Andrew was inebriated to the point the cops couldn’t interview him but then he was allowed to drive home.
    I think it’s interesting that allegedly there were three bags of meth in the room but no mention of charges or an arrest.

  11. In these partisan political times, you have to be smart and clearly he was not. As someone who has friends everywhere, i knew about the rumors of Andrew during his FAMU days, trust me nothing get past the HBCU gossip network. Black Bed Wench to White Men- Candace “Coon” Owens is happy to run with this story I am going to see will she keep this same energy when they eventually come out with the Juice on South Carolina Senator, Lindsay Mae Graham who has been hiring escorts since the 1950’s. Sadly as a Black man you rarely get any second chances when you mess up in the spotlight. His love of the Snow has frozen his political career. That “Tina” aint no joke and my sources tell me ATL is full of Black “Tina” heads. He should be thankful for Corona because it is so much going on with it, that this story will probably die pretty quickly.

  12. Unlike as alleged by Candice Owens, I saw nothing in the police report about sex, an orgy or any other tawdry details alleged by her. His political career is over. I suspect that he hired the escort for sex. Gillum is likely a bisexual man who has a taste for man sex and that he hired the escort to quench his thirst.

    That his political career is over is a pity. Sad.

  13. Hey jamari, Miami just had the Winter party festivial,, with nothing but fine ass white dudes on south beach of every corner. Dyson has hit me up a couple of time for fucking, tho I wish I had that fiance. If you were in Miami you would have a field day!

  14. Honestly, Gillum did ping to me, so while I’m surprised, it isn’t about sexuality, it’s just the messiness of it all. Don’t blame him for wanting that white boy with the donk, tho! Wow.

    1. Andrew Gillum wasn’t on my radar at all, I have to be honest I’ve always expected something like this from Cory Booker.

    1. Yeah, “subbttm” is allegedly Travis Dyson’s screen nam on one of his accounts, and Gillum, who appears to be DL, might have been paying the $$$ to blow that Yt muscle back out on the regular. I don’t get it but clearly he likes the snow. He’s a very handsome man, and now that the right-wing shyena Candace Owens is after him, he can hang it up.

      The saddest things about this to me are that that crystal meth is involved (it is destroying Black gay men in LA, NYC, and other spots), his political career is probably over, his marriage also may be over (he has 3 little kids, whether his wife is a beard or not), and the GOP will have ammo to dig deeper and destroy him, as almost happened when that scandal involving the lobbyist, Adam Corey, who allegedly was his special friend, blew up.

      It’s tragic really but more than anything, I hope he gets help for the meth if he’s on it. It eats people alive!

  15. His wife knows about him. And guess no one was expecting an overdose. People of all colors do drugs. That “Blacks don’t do crystal meth” shit is a lie. People will smoke anything just to get the courage to do wrong shit

  16. Him even associating with someone like that is messy and suspect at best! Then dude didn’t even try to cover for him.

    I don’t know why he wasn’t arrested, but his career in politics is DONE! I have a feeling other things are about to start coming out.

    That’s what he gets for associating with these whites and Spainiards🤷🏾‍♂️

    Had he been in a motel in Georgia somewhere no one would’ve known or even recognized him. Lol

    1. ^ROTFLMAO

      that part of “they didn’t even try to cover for him”.
      you know the black gays would have put him in a suitcase and had him wheeled out with the cleaning staff.

      a mess.

      1. When being the token black guy that doesn’t mess with black guys goes wrong🤷🏾‍♂️

        All I’m hearing is “black ppl don’t do meth”. Well with all these white men he surrounds himself with that happen to have meth around them I would not be surprised if he does it too.

        Police call that “ParTy and Play in progress”

        I do feel bad for his wife, but I highly doubt she hasn’t had suspicions if he’s this messy.

        1. ^the tokens always get caught up and then come crying to us once they get burned.

          you are right.
          impressionable black folks will do anything depending on the crowd.
          you don’t drink,
          but you go out with drinkers and suddenly there is a drink in your hand.

          i’m sure his wife knows something,
          but for a better story,
          she will act blindsided

        2. I literally saw an article a while back about how white gays exploit and get Black men strung out on meth and other hardcore drugs. Ed Buck being the main example

  17. On a more somber note. I can only imagine the heartache and pain his wife and mother of his children must be enduring at this moment. Andrew Gillum was considered a “rising star” among the Democrat elite. He was obviously burdened by his homosexuality yet chose to live as a heterosexual man. I’m just disappointed that this is the hill his career will die upon. He was evidently very much into white men. Rumor has it that Andrew was having a sexual affair with his former campaign advisor Adam Corey. They are no longer friends because of an FBI probe that the media never told us about. It’s just very messy.

  18. Another politician/public figure thinking with their little head 🍆 instead of their big head.I wonder if he will be fired by CNN? SMH

  19. candace owens is milking this story but she also know that Republicans do the exact same thing Lotta other black people say they don’t believe the story because black people don’t do crystal math

      1. The crazy thing is the white gay guys wasn’t arrested They just let him go home They rantmen page is gone And their Instagram is on private

    1. The only Black people who do meth are the ones who exclusively date and associate with white people

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