andrew gillum and the twitter alert heard round the world

twitter alert:

Some “straight” males are having sex with vixens,
marrying them,
having kids with them,
and it still isn’t containing that raging homosexuality/bisexuality.

andrew gillum,
former mayor of tallahassee,
and democratic candidate for florida governor,
seems to have been caught up in his own twitter alert today.
he was caught up in a suspected crystal meth overdose with a gay escort in miami.
ey yi yi.
candace owens broke the news today on twitter,
with the police report and well…

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they finally got ed buck up outta here (maybe?)

so as soon as i read the news,
i couldn’t wait to tweet it earlier.

They finally got Ed Buck

you know i couldn’t wait to discuss with the foxhole.
it has been a long time coming for that hyena.
in the words of sansa in “game of thrones“:

as you know,
or didn’t,
two black gay males have died being allegedly involved with ed buck.
both circumstances of each death have been the same.
with each incident,
he was able to get off without any consequences.
well that ended today via “ktla“…

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Lamar Odom, In All His Bed Ridden Glory, Reconciles With Khloe Kardashian

khloe-kardashian-ruined-lamar-well god was not done with them yet!
no he wasn’t!
*speaks in tongues*

it seems that khloe kardashian had a change of heart.
she was out here “thottin ‘n’ boppin” as a still-married vixen,
but things change when your estranged hubby nearly dies in a vegas brothel.
nothing says “come back home” like an overdose on herbal viagra.
so khloe has decided to give lamar odom another chance.
…or was it the other way around?
this is what tmz said…
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You Like It Dark

Phillip-Seymour-Hoffmanactor and director,
phillip seymour hoffman,
was found dead today.
heroin overdose.
now i remember mr. hoffman for some of his movies,
but i never knew he was battling an addiction as serious as that.
hell i don’t think other people did either…
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Ciara Has Future By The Balls

ciara-overdosespeaking of future,
this is ciara’s single cover for ( x overdose ).
why did i think those were man hands grabbing his crotch?
at least she trying to sell this album
i like this track tho.


So I feel like giving you an overdose on another fox tail tonight…

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