You Like It Dark

Phillip-Seymour-Hoffmanactor and director,
phillip seymour hoffman,
was found dead today.
heroin overdose.
now i remember mr. hoffman for some of his movies,
but i never knew he was battling an addiction as serious as that.
hell i don’t think other people did either…
tumblr_l6hxasiMB41qcq9mto1_500its funny to me how people are battling “something”.
in public or on social media,
they look great.
they look like they smell like “damn you should be me“.
once they go home to their privacy,
that’s where the real demons come out.
until they pass away unexpectedly,
that’s when every secret flies out the closet.
hollywood is a dangerous place for the weak.
everyone wants to join this “club” so they can be cool.
they think being in the public eye equates to self esteem.
i wont sit here and say its not fun.
its is.
once you truly make it,
you can really do anything you want.
suddenly you are thrown into a world where you are “wanted”.
it becomes addictive.
just like when you start getting likes and follows.
you want more of that so you are climbing.
you can try your hardest to avoid it.
ive worked in the industry enough to know this.
nothing is always as it seems with celebrities.
its always the naive ones i have to warn the most.
just last week i had to hip a wolf to game.

“are you willing to fuck a man,
or even just suck his dick,
just to get put on?”
“are you strong enough to say no when all kinds of drugs are being offered?”
“can you turn the blind eye when you see your fav selling their soul?
you are attractive too so they will probably eat you up.”

female singers.
male singers.
the baller wolves i love.
98% has done something or will.
no one is immune to the dark side.
people think they will avoid it because of this “great talent”.
oh because you know how to sing…”
i usually laugh.
that maybe true,
but there’s levels everything you try to pursue in like.
not just even hollywood.
from corporate america to even church.
are you strong enough?
can you put aside all your morals?

tumblr_ls6ufvkopR1r35vxeo1_500i’m still shocked when i hear stars die like this.
i can say that i’m shocked today mr. hoffman.
not too surprised tho.
i’m kind of immune to it now.
nothing really surprises me anymore.
again: this is hollywood.
a place where having access to your wildest dreams can be a gift and a curse.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

12 thoughts on “You Like It Dark”

  1. I was blown away when I heard the news Sunday morning. Loved his work so much that I felt a connection with him. If you have not seen his performance in “Doubt” with Meryl Streep or his portrayal of Truman Capote in “Capote” please treat yourself. I rooted for him to get the Academy Award in the latter.

  2. I’m super shocked I had no idea he had a drug problem. He was one hella actor, being famous didn’t seem to matter to him his work always took center stage. May he rest in peace.

  3. Hollywood is a sad world. My cousin who is a model in Puerto Rico told me a story when she went to LA and met this dark skin video vixen who had sex with the producer, rapper, and his couple friends just to be part of the music video because my cousin told me dark skin black video vixens never get callbacks and even if they have sex there no guarantee they will be part of the video.

  4. You may have the talent, but they are people over you who hold those contracts, which hold the keys on whether or not you get to display your talent to the world. If you do not manage yourself, you are vulnerable to anything.

    The situation with the sexual favors is tricky, it is all good depending on the position you play.
    Let’s say I was an aspiring singer, and my fine ass producer told me that he wanted a sample of my pipe in order for the process to move forward. I might hop on that lol. I am not the type to sleep with anyone, but dude is bad as hell and I’m coming out on top, just let me grab a condom. I get to bang a bad ass dude to advance my career, I’m winning in a way lol.

  5. I just found out as well, and Im shocked for one, I didnt know he had any drug problems and I didnt know he was as young as he was, I was under the impression that he was in his late 50’s, I guess maybe the drugs aged him. He was a hell of an actor playing the strange kooky type. Its sad that most of these people in the entertainment industry are really not strong enough to withstand the pressures and temptation of a entertainment lifestyle. Its like a curse, most beautiful and talented people are born into families were they are not loved, where their parents are monsters, where there circumstances are bleak. They are born with all this talent, athletic ability, good looks etc but they can never reconcile the world they come from and the entertainment world they live in. The story never changes, its always just a different cast of characters.

  6. I wasnt totally shocked because I remember reading last year @TMZ that he went to rehab for 10 days after his use of pills progressed to Heroin.He left rehab to go directly to a film set.TMZ reported he was off heroin for 23 years ,since he graduated college,before relapsing.Once an addict always an addict,I guess.He has 3 little kids 10,8 and 5.

    1. He had three little kids? Damn man. He was off the shit for 23 years and relapsed. They say a relapse can be something else. RIP

  7. I’ve admired Phillip Seymour Hoffman in his work, which was excellent. I never imagined that he had drug problems. Perhaps he was that good of an actor to not give signs of it and let the public know.

    Yes, Jamari, you’re right about what can happen behind closed doors and what people must do to climb the ladders of success–corporate ladder, Hollywood ladder, etc. Often times, it’s not just talent but who you have lunch with, who you go to dinner with, who invites you to parties, who you have sex with, etc. Marilyn Monroe is thought to have commented something like “You don’t know how many dicks I’ve had to suck to get here.” Remember: “This is America and everything is for sale.”

    RIP Phillip Seymour Hoffman.

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