BJDANIELSYUMso foxhole baller wolf fav of the seattle seahawks,
and super duper christian,
bj daniels is headed to the superbowl tonight.
he has been through a lot it seems so it seems,
but has that stopped how good he looks?…

yeah not at all.2BrokeGirls_WootWootwhen he posted this on instagram:

“Not good enough….too short…. Can’t do it… Won’t make it….not a NFL QB …broken Ankle SeniorYear …. Not a big enough school ….not enough hype ……What’s next? #keepWroking ppl will tell u what you CANT do because they couldn’t do it! #Strive4Greatness #BeTheBestYOU #OnlyGod”

i know he is going to turn up on that field.
good luck!

bj social: instagram

Author: jamari fox

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5 thoughts on “BALLER WOLF MEAT: RE-HEAT (531)

    1. Yea….I feel bad I didn’t catch that last sentence at the bottom earlier man, but BJ is the back up. I don’t know, he might get to turn up if this continues. #WorstSuperbowlEver #BoutToChangeTheChannel #LovePeyton

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