IPEADisaiah pead of the st louis rams is a foxhole throwback.
honestly i forgot all about him.
sorry pead...
been through a lot of baller meat since then.
okay that didn’t sound good.
anyway here is a reminder….


pead’s socials: twitter | instagram

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

11 thoughts on “BALLER WOLF MEAT: RE-HEAT (532)”

    1. Why?

      I was just about to say I’d chew on dem lips.Maybe he saw this post and doesn’t appreciate male admirers.

      1. How would he find this post? I’m confused. Are niggas snitchin or is he lurking? He is another homophobe man.

  1. Come on Isaiah, be a good sport bro. You can’t avoid us gays man. Some of us probably already follow you on instagram. I bet if I had one he wouldn’t block me. Dude wouldn’t even know I’m down. I’ll get right on by, we don’t have a certain look homie.

    I liked him and thought he was mad cool. He hardly gets playing time, so he should want some exposure. You just putting him on and shit.

  2. Aw man are you serious. Why are Black dudes so damn insecure about male admirers. Crosses this cutie off my list lol. Oh well he will be regulated to the dustbins of history messing with the foxhole 🙂

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