andrew gillum and the twitter alert heard round the world

twitter alert:

Some “straight” males are having sex with vixens,
marrying them,
having kids with them,
and it still isn’t containing that raging homosexuality/bisexuality.

andrew gillum,
former mayor of tallahassee,
and democratic candidate for florida governor,
seems to have been caught up in his own twitter alert today.
he was caught up in a suspected crystal meth overdose with a gay escort in miami.
ey yi yi.
candace owens broke the news today on twitter,
with the police report and well…

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when the world finds out you might like gay sex on live tv

i don’t know if andriod does this,
but on my iphone,
i use to keep all my “sketch” apps in a folder labelled:


that’s where i put that pesky “stock” app…

…but i don’t really have “sketch” apps on my phone nowadays.
(i showed you what’s on my iphone: x here)
ain’t nothing worst than getting caught up because of your phone.
how about getting caught up because of what’s on your phone…
on live tv?

this reporter may have accidentally let the world know his secret
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Bobby Valentino Allegedly Gets Caught Up Again

caught up yet again?
so the forests are all talk about this bobby valentino scandal.
i thought he faded into obscurity,
but clearly,
his star is back on the rise.
as you know,
he got caught up with a trans she hyena over the weekend.
according to industry on blast,
he may have been set up.
this is a message they received from another trans she hyena…
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How To Get Caught Up On The Gram

instagramIcon_400x400this isn’t really a “public foxhole” announcement,
but moreso a “you could get that ass caught up” reminder.
moreso for the d/l and some discreet foxholers.
so you know how you be on the gram right?
you be liking random dudes pics ‘n’ adding friends ‘n’ shit.
well you that your followers can see that?
well this is how “the shade room” caught “empire”s lee daniels the other day.
he was on a liking frenzy and well…
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Tre Mason Fumbles Between His Ex and His Next

Screen Shot 2015-03-17 at 9.23.53 PMi can bet he is lookin’ at his phone now.
so baller wolf of the st louis rams,
tre mason,
may have gotten caught up by his ex vixen.
thing is,
tre has a new vixen that needed to get the memo.
so everyone meet meagan
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Instagram Direct Is Already About To Expose The Idiots

Screen Shot 2013-12-12 at 7.36.25 PMaint been launched a good few hours and already…
i love when social media adds some new shit to catch “the idiots” up.
thirst meters start to raise and common sense flies out the window.
so who ready for the new fuckery instagram direct is about to cause?

lowkey: this means good peen and jack off videos.
this also means “the side” sending “the main” a video of the wolf in their bed.
um yay!