Cum On In (Taking You Real Deep Into My Phone)

i’m always fascinated by what folks have on their phones.
i’ll admit i’m nosy.
i was on youtube the other day,
looking at iphone x videos,
and came across videos “whats on my iphone x”:

i found it interesting.
i’m nosy.
so i wanted to share with the foxhole what’s on my phone

right now,
i have a 7+.
not interested in the iphone x until it’s a “+” size.
i can’t go back to a regular iphone again.
after having something big that you need two paws for,
it’s hard to go back to anything smaller.
so this is my lock screen wallpaper:

that actually does something cool when i turn my phone on.
i like designs and images as my lock screen.
it creates a vibe.
i feel like putting your own face is self absorbed.
it’s one thing if it’s your cub or your partner.
your own grill tho?

don’t you see yourself enough on your social media?
my home screen is jet black.
i’ll put solid colors/blurred colors to match my lock screen.
i know.
shut up.
don’t even get me started with not having unread emails/texts.
“100,000 unread emails” sets off my ocd.

this is how i have my layout:

with a screen record of what’s in the folders:

i’m very organized with my phone.
two pages max.
i don’t assemble my apps with what i use the most,
but organizing them in assigned folders.
let’s get into them:


i use the apple weather than “the weather channel”.
if i want in-depth weather coverage for upcoming days ahead,
then i’ll open that one.


self explanatory.
all of the apple apps i put in there.


google – i use this the most.
i don’t open safari to look for anything.

google hangouts – it’s basically google messenger.
i only use it to talk to one of my home vixens on it.
she only uses that and it’s the only one i talk to on there.

google chrome – i barely use this app.

google assistant – barely use it,
but it’s faster and more accurate than siri.

google voice – when i don’t want to give my number out.


activity – i track my steps with it.
it is connected to my apple watch to track my other health data.

health – it shows everything i’ve done in the day.
it has all my emergency contacts and health information.
God forbid something ever happens to me,
the medics will know what i’m allergic to and who will rescue me.

waterminder – i track how much fluids i’m drinking every day.

myplate – i track what i eat daily.
i didn’t think i’d keep up with this app,
but i’m pretty consistent.


cash app, apple pay cash – if i need money from one of my friends instantly

digit – saves small amounts of money every day from my checking account.
i don’t even notice.

discover, capitol one, chase – all my personal banking

simple – an extra bank account i save money in

paypal – when you guys donate through the “tip jar” —–>
all of your donations goe in there.
you don’t know how much you guys have saved me with the donations you send.
thank you to all who have donated!

tip calculator – i barely use this,
but it tells me how much i should tip when i go out.

mint – budgeting app


all my social media apps i use,
especially for the foxhole

reddit – i love reading the comments/advice/life tips/show commentary on reddit.


i only use spotify.
that is my go to music app.
i only use apple music if i want to listen to “lemonade” or aaliyah’s albums.

iheartradio – i use it to listen to “the breakfast club” in the morning.

genius – song lyrics and meanings

shazam – if i hear a song on tv or in public and i need to know who it is


all of the apps for taking pictures and editing
i love taking pictures of landscapes and other stuff.
i’ll use it more and upload pictures to the foxhole ig stories


i use google maps the most.
apple maps is so shifty.
siri got my ass lost one day for a job interview so i banished it.

über is my go to.

i don’t know WHY i have a toilet finder app,
but just in case.

barely use citimapper,
but it’s handy when i remember to use it

transit keeps my up to date when the mta wants to be an asshole.
they send me messages if the train is fucked up in the morning.
i use this app A LOT.


as a blogger,
i need to be up to date with what’s happening in the world.
apple news is what i use the most.
it presents articles of what i’m interested in by keywords i put in there.


iphone has this thing called “stickers” you can place in imessage.
i’m sorta animated when texting to my friends.
i give them a full experience.


the only ones i play the most are word cookies, subway surf, tetris, piano tiles, flow free, marvel champions, pocket camp

the rest is when i’m bored and want to try something new.


when i want something to eat.
i use seamless or grub hub the most at work.
never used uber eats.
shake shack because it’s always packed

all my pizza apps

dunkin donuts and starbucks have gift card balances on them


apps i don’t use ever or came with the phone

calculator+it’s an app a home wolf put me on to.
you can put all your nudes/sex tapes/whatever and lock it with a pw.
folks will think it’s a regular calculator,
but it holds all the things you don’t want in your photo album.


all my writing resources

day one – my private journal.
i use it when i want to vent or share quick thoughts about something.

notes – i use it to add stuff i want to write about,
things i want to accomplish,
quotes i find that inspire me…
pretty much note taking stuff.

befocused pro – when i want to blog without an distractions.
i have it set for 25 minutes of blogging.
5 minute breaks in between.
it helps keep me focused.
i have it on my mac too.


when i’m stressed,
i usually color.
i use to do it with a whole book,
but when i need something quick,
i’ll use one of those apps.
haven’t used them in a while.


all my meditation apps

sleep cycle tracks my sleep patterns and wakes me up when i’m not in a deep sleep


when i need tickets or reviews on places i’m going


keep my brain active.
i haven’t used them in a while


when i want to spend money


all my travel apps.

hotel tonight if i need a nice room in the city.

haven’t used them yet since i’m “in-between blessings” at the moment


book apps


how i stream shows

tv time – tracks my current shows,
what episodes i’ve missed,
and when they’re returning.
i love this app as it keeps me on my “good tv” schedule.

(random apps):

wordpress – the foxhole’s app
of course,
i use this a lot.

whatsApp – how i speak to family/friends

upray – when i need to pray with someone over the phone or send a prayer request

myat&t – how i pay my phone bill

bible – self explanatory

dropbox – when i write entries at work,
i send them in my drop box to edit when i get home

…and that’s it.
i hope it allowed you to take a peak into my technological world.
feel free to check out the apps i use (or don’t).
you maybe able to find one that works well with your life.

lowkey: i wish i could see whats on your phones as well.
didn’t you know i’m nosy.

click here to get the wallpaper i use: big screen | little screen

13 thoughts on “Cum On In (Taking You Real Deep Into My Phone)

  1. Those screenshots of your home screen made me so happy! I thought I was the only one who organized my apps that way(I cringe looking at other people’s phone layouts). When I had my iPhone 6S+, I made it so all of my apps started on the second home screen just so I can see me wallpaper.
    I have a Samsung Galaxy S8+ and I have to say that this phone may make me stick with Android. With Android based phones, you can fully customize your device however you want. And Samsung definitely stepped their game up! None of that cartoony 14 year old girl user interface is present anymore. They went full grown and sexy with this one and I hope they keep it this way. Jamari, if you never had an Android phone, now would be a good time to jump on board!

  2. WHAT if you love someone and your heart is aching for someone else and you have tried everything to forget but you know y’all have history what should you do .

  3. damn ! ur hella organized. i tried putting shit in folders but it takes longer to find stuff that way… ive even disabled animations on my phone bc i find it irritating how long it takes to open apps/etc with animations. (i have an iphone). only apps i use are myfitnesspal, ibooks, reddit, podcasts, whatsapp, snapchat, and of course work apps like contacts, gmail, google drive, etc.

  4. I steer clear of anything related to Apple, so I have an Android. I have a mess of different apps on my phone for a variety of things, Reddit, video Editing, Layering, Instagram, and Google is my life. I have Google Drive, Keep, Documents, Slides, I have Word, Audio Editing…on and on.

    My current Google search history is composed of racial research, strange stories, when Trey Songz sex tape coming out, Myvidster, YouTube animal broadcasts, popular social blogs, Amazon, Pornhub, Xvideos, weather in the South, is Atlanta worth it, wtf is Bitcoin, Does Trey Songz have any leaked nude photos out yet?, Netflix vs Amazon Prime, Janet Jackson greatest hits, Ricky Johnson cheating on his girlfriend, Tax breaks I didn’t know existed, entertainment jobs in California, wtf is litecoin, what is it like to live in Brazil, American allies and enemies, countries I can’t visit, Tumpa Loompaa, Obama young, what’s it like to live in space, Trey Songz smiling, Trey Songz ugly crying, upcoming movies, and Inside Jamari Foxx.

  5. WOW !! I am sitting here staring at my phone! I had no idea I could do all of that!

  6. Ok now lets see dat google search history and gallery 😈 lol j/k (kinda) Yours is cool, my phone is hella unorganized and i dnt utilize have the ish on it, i use google, instagram, and napster for music & thats it! No games, my niece gets hella irritated cause she wants me to get into all these games and ill dowload one or two and play with her, but the minute shes gone i uninstall them shits hella quick lol

    1. ^LOL
      the search history and gallery is def incriminate.

      napster tho?
      why not spotify?
      games are cool especially if i’m stuck on the train and need to keep myself entertained until.

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