The Email I Got About My Job Position

i’m experiencing a different situation at my new job.
my other jobs were highly stressful.
i dealt and defeated the biggest of idiots.
i couldn’t ask for a better work environment now.

an amazing boss
cool af co workers
relaxed dress code
the commute is a breeze

Β easy af day so i can concentrate on the foxhole

i got an email about my current job status this morning.
it was in regards to my ID coming to an end.

My boss is keeping me on for another 3 months!

next month will make 6.
i’m happy she approved me to stay on longer.
i don’t want to leave there and go to another job.
even though i took a pay cut

Where else will i find a working environment where things gel?

not many places.
so we shall see what’s in store for me.
let’s hope it’s getting hired so i can get some benefits.

Author: jamari fox

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