I’m Not A Hoe Because I Gave Head and Not Let Him Smash

i haven’t gotten my back blown out in a while.
i don’t know if i miss it.
with randoms,
it is a lot of wear and tear.
my walls are expensive as is!
it seems like a lot of gays are not into fuckin’ anymore.
they have allegedly replaced it with a new “old” thing.
a foxholer sent me what’s supposedly hot in the forests via “cocktails and cocktalk”

Trends come and go, but oral sex is here to stay. Albeit this season it’s back, and bigger than ever.

There are actually a number of gay men, who do not identify with either ‘top’, ‘bottom’ or ‘versatile’ labels, but rather the ‘side’ stamp. Which means that a person engages in most sexual activity, but not anal sex.

But, even gay men who enjoy penetration, are trading it in for the ‘side’ saddle. Well, temporarily, at least.

“Felati-hoes” is a label that reprsents someone at a point in their life (or weekend), when they’re likely to be promiscuous; boys holidays, post-LTR, gay cruises, and dark rooms, but choose to restrict themselves only to oral activity.

Being a felatihoe (as opposed to a regular anal hoe), has a number of benefits, aside from the obvious, not having to squat over a bathtub with the shower hose up your rectum for a guy that’ll never call again. Yes, douching for douchbags is so a thing of the past.

Following that, the concept aims to (partially) eliminate slag shame. And we’re not referring to one being shamed by another for one’s sex life, but rather the shame you experience when you walk into a club and see eight guys who’s thighs you’ve left skidmarks on.

Hmm… But is bumping into eight lads that’ve jizzed in your hair much better? Umm, sure! If it’s not in the colon, it doesn’t count – right?

Not to mention on a scene that is prone to gossip, it helps to avoid a ratchet rep.

Periods of felatihoeism are also said reduce the desensitization of intimacy; which in theory suggests that the more anal sex we have, the less intimate of an act we see it – and so having that powerful sexual connection becomes harder to find.

And I guess it seems less of a big deal, if you get sucked off by a weirdo than if you fuck one.

i’m confused
it’s like some gays don’t want to labelled as “hoes”,
but still want to do “ho-ish” things.
it takes a lot to fuck someone than sucking them off,
but a nut is still a nut.
this seems to apply to those who been hurt,
or not looking for anything serious,
but want to still experience sexuality without the extra.
my thing is

Is there no shame by walking in event and see 8 males you sucked on?

to me,
it’s still the same story.
you gonna be judged regardless.
i had to wonder tho…

Is replacing sex with head gonna help gays be more intimate?

if this is the case,
i wonder if ( x diksukka ) is in a great relationship now?

article cc: cocktails and cocktalk

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

5 thoughts on “I’m Not A Hoe Because I Gave Head and Not Let Him Smash

  1. I typically do this when I feel the mood to deal with guys but don’t want to do all the extra prep work nor have a guy digging in my walls in the way some of these guys do it.

  2. Nah. Sucking penis is intimate for me.
    If you sticking someone in your mouth..I’d say that’s very personal. Well at least to me.

    I ain’t sucking or eating anything if I: 1.)dont like you or am not attracted to you.

    2.) Can’t trust that your pipe is not clogged.

    I definitely ain’t sucking no random pipe either. I know I sound like a broken STI record, but diseases are real and people do catch them and transfer them.

    That article had me so confused, I though I was straight for a minute.

    Gays have been sucking peen since the Stone age. If you like to suck peen promiscuously, admit it. Sucking can be exciting. To the young bloods, if Yu do like it, be cautious of the pipe. Everyone ain’t clean even if they appear to be. Know who you messing with. If you need references try:

    HIV … (rare/ low risk)
    Herpes. …
    HPV. …
    Gonorrhea. …
    Chlamydia. …
    Syphilis. …
    Hepatitis B.

    All which can be contracted through oral sex.

    Ever year someone comes up with an excuse to try and “normalize” things.

    Them niggas don’t love you, but they love too nut on you.

  3. To be honest I don’t believe in the word Hoe, we’re all adults. I use it jokingly but what you’re into sexually with your body your business just like what I’m into is mine. I feel like the article in question is directed more to those gay men who are apart of the popular gay social life scene ( not judging if you are, nothing wrong with it).

    The word hoe is used in the gay community the same way it’s used in the straight community and that’s to the person taking the pipe. I rarely hear people refer to straight men or wolfs as the word and if they do it doesn’t negatively effect their social standing the way it does to vixens and foxes.

    Jamari if you were getting pipe from wolves and sharing that information on here on the regular, you would be called everything from hoe to slut to loose. Flip it and let you be a wolf giving your perspective of all the random Fox booty you getting and you would get nothing but praise lol

    I’ve been more into giving oral than anal because it’s less prep, a nut is a nut, and there’s something sexy about getting a guy off with your mouth 😝

  4. hmm.
    if this is the case,
    i wonder if ( x diksukka ) is in a great relationship now?

    Haha, right!…I think this is more of a millennial thing here, idk…

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