It Must Be Fun Being The Girlfriend of NBA Youngboy!

i ain’t never heard of nba youngboy.
i thought he was a nba baller wolf.
this is before i went on google.
come to find out,
eta: he is a 18 year old rapper wolf with 4 cubs/4 different vixens.
sounds like a winner.
everyone is talking about what he did to his girlfriend,
over the holiday weekend.
these are the tweets

has pride been replaced by lv?
i understand she wants to get out the hood,
as she rides his coat tails,
but this ain’t the way!
jania responded via her ig live:

i love when they get all lip poppin and attitude.
you was down on that hard ass couch while he was in that nice bed.
if the rumors are true,
he was balls deep in some hoe while in the nice bed.
so clearly jania lost.
no amount of lv will bring about a win.
nba youngboy took to ig to respond as well:

a low self esteem vixen situating with a narcissistic hyena.
sounds like heaven.

lowkey: is he worth this stress…

…hell naw.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

15 thoughts on “It Must Be Fun Being The Girlfriend of NBA Youngboy!”

  1. He’s 18 you really want me to believe his young ass has common sense enough to care about a gf? Nah.

    I mean the lv is nice I guess but my nickname isn’t boo boo the fool.

    1. This has nothing to do with age. There are 16 years old who act more mature than 40 years old. In fact many 40 year olds do far worse than this 18yo rapper. Then again, he is a rapper and not a college professor.

  2. Hell naw he’s not worth it, no dude is worth that embarrassing foolishness. I’m with you Jamari I didn’t even know who he was, when I saw his name I thought he was a basketball player too. She up there making herself look like a fool rolling her eyes and moving that head, she knows damn well she didn’t want to sleep on that damn sofa in a public hotel lobby tf.

      1. If what he did was allegedly true, I would have been taking those designer items back and stashing away a savings account while with him for entrepreneurship opportunities. For example, she could be working on a make up or t-shirt line, purchasing real estate for investments etc. and be set for life since it look like this may not be long term. When someone shows you who they are, but their is a benefit to the situation, use it to your advantage. Also, If his money becomes long enough, a few holes may be getting poked in the condom, equals child support payments for 18 years or if you want to take it further, I can have it extended to 21 depending on the state.

        The best way to enjoy life is not to care or allow what others think of you or decided how you should live, but live life for you. For example, when you have thousands or millions of people talking bad about you or calling you names, don’t allow it to affect you or hinder your happiness.

  3. These young girls better wake up and realize these hood ass dudes are not worth it.
    All they’ll get stuck with is a baby, and continually takin’ his ass to court trying to get a share of the same check that three or four other baby mamas are getting as well.

    This is sad. I tell my nieces a dude will tell you anything to try to get between your legs.
    Tell him to walk the walk, not talk the talk. If he’s sincere, he’ll stick around. If not, you’ll know. Even then be on your guard!

  4. The fact that this boy got 3 kids at 18 is crazy but then again I know somebody who got 5 kids at 19 so shrug. My problem is black parents these days they just don’t care for their kids anymore like WTF.

  5. Self Respect is priceless and obviously this young lady has none.

    This is why representation matters. The fact she would even be attracted to an inarticulate, immature young man like this worries me.

    I can almost guarantee you neither had any decent male role model growing up.

    I don’t care how much LV and Gucci bullshit he purchased for her that she can flip, flop or turn into a business opportunity, none of it is worth the price she is paying.

    Go to school, learn a trade like millions of other black women and get your own money you can buy stuff with.

    1. Exactly Jay! Her self respect is going down the tubes dealing with that clown.
      Don’t know who he is, but he’s a flash in the pan. He may have the social media spotlight right now, but once his moment has come and gone…that money will dry up and his ass will be in jail behind some missed child support payments.

      While he flossing all of those designer bags (hope there is stuff in them), I can only hope he is giving the baby mamas some of that loot. If not, this pic will come back to bite him on the ass if he’s taken to court.

  6. When is the real NBA going to come with the lawyers and throw a cease and desist or a suit for trademark infringement? The rest is just low level self esteem ratchetness.

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