How To Get Caught Up On The Gram

instagramIcon_400x400this isn’t really a “public foxhole” announcement,
but moreso a “you could get that ass caught up” reminder.
moreso for the d/l and some discreet foxholers.
so you know how you be on the gram right?
you be liking random dudes pics ‘n’ adding friends ‘n’ shit.
well you that your followers can see that?
well this is how “the shade room” caught “empire”s lee daniels the other day.
he was on a liking frenzy and well…

get that tyson meat.
i mean he is openly gay,
but it goes to show someone is always watching
so on those “late night/early mornings”,
those days you be cruising on the gram,
and you think we don’t know what you “liking”…
oh people know.
i’m sure your family and friends know as well.
well that is…
if you stupid enough to do that on your real account.
if you did,
well this is the perfect time to go:

lowkey: am i the only one who knows the value of a lurker account?

lurker account (n): a separate account where you do dirt.
whether its:

full blown ratchet
being gay

don’t leave your phone without one.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

17 thoughts on “How To Get Caught Up On The Gram”

  1. This post is so funny and ironic because I had a female friend of mines the other day (who doesn’t know I like men) ask me why did I like a certain pic of I think Justin Combs shirtless.

    I said that I accidently liked the pic and I hurried up and deleted the like. Sad I know and she is not homophobic at all but I’m just not ready for all of that explaining yet.

    1. ^and that’s perfectly fine lb4!
      just make sure you cover your tracks.
      it’s funny how people be looking at your “likes” and “follows” and judge you off that.
      many times it can be pretty true too.

    2. that stuff kinda bothers me. Not about you lying but her questioning on why you liked the pictures. What’s it to her? I know it’s a built in feature on instagram but people be pressed to be nosy.

  2. That is why I don’t have an instagram, but better believe somebody in the foxhole is shook right now after reading this lol. Ok so who didn’t know their followers could see their likes? I’m all ears. Who is trying to be honest? LOL.

    1. ^you heard the man!
      love how “the man” worked in that sentence.
      naw seriously tho…
      lets hear who getting caught up and don’t even know it!

  3. That’s why I have multiple accounts and aliases lol!
    but i dont use those social media accounts anyway. I have bad luck so knowing my luck if I’m too honest about my identity, someone will stumble upon me lol.
    So i don’t have a problem taking the extra precaution for my own safety lol.
    I keep my ish clean LOL!

      1. Oh they do,, but the problem is, they still find a way to get hacked into. None of us are comepletely untraceable,and all it takes is one person who wants to out you, and has the skills to do it to have you at their mercy.
        Its scary.

  4. Jamari! Why are you exposing me. I have a complete lurker account. No pics…a few fake followers, and I follow all the beautiful men I can. Surprisingly, locked accounts will let me follow them too, because everyone’s ego is attached to that follower count. Smh.

    I do keep the straight dudes at a minimum because I want to be realistic in my lust. lol.

    The LIKE button will get you caught up. There are so many men I follow who are “straight” on IG, but their FOLLOWING list and “likes” tell a WHOLE different story.

    It’s funny because now when these so called “straight” men post a pic (alone) with a location, MANY times, I know who they’re with because the OUT boys they’re with are posting too…….

    *files nails*

  5. This is how I got caught. I didn’t realize people could see what I was doing. I was liking shorties with fat butts and my cuz figured it out. I had to tell her nosy ass how I get down smh

    1. Awww. Damn bro. You was on a spree, and it is worse when a nosy person finds out your biz.

      I didn’t know either, but I’ve never had an instagram. If it wasn’t for this post, I probably would have been caught when I did create a page lol.

  6. I mean all you gotta do is like bodybuilders and personal trainer pictures and they can’t tell whether you’re into or just like fitness lol. Then you like a few Draya and Maliah photos to throw them off track. Lmao!

    I don’t really see the point in having multiple accounts. Most of my followers are people I knew at some point but I’m only close with 1 or 2 people so I’m beginning to care less and less what they think or suspect. We ain’t that cool anyway!

    I wouldn’t like a dick pic or a bare ass on instagram though. Just seems thirsty to me.

  7. IMFG! This is pure comedy…I stopped logging into myvidster cause it was putting what I viewed on my FB…My Judy caught it before I had any ‘splaining to do… my rachet is my business!

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