Bobby Valentino Allegedly Gets Caught Up Again

caught up yet again?
so the forests are all talk about this bobby valentino scandal.
i thought he faded into obscurity,
but clearly,
his star is back on the rise.
as you know,
he got caught up with a trans she hyena over the weekend.
according to industry on blast,
he may have been set up.
this is a message they received from another trans she hyena…

this whole situation is messy af.
so he was exposed for stardom?
that whole “didn’t pay for sex” spin sounded weird to me anyway.
why would you not pay for sex that you requested?
especially someone who has a “name” in these forests?
that always leads to a bad end.
well allegedly,
bobby as more “expose” tapes according to wshh and industry on blast:

the positive is that this is the most press he has ever gotten.
i listened to “slow down” yesterday because of this!
if he likes allegedly fuckin with trans vixens,
then i don’t see the problem.
he might need to not pick alleged messy ones going forward tho.

lowkey: it’s not his fault he likes ratchet pussy.
it’s his fault he doesn’t make better choices.
there are other celebs legit dating/fucking trans vixens,
and even foxes,
and we don’t know because did a legit screening process.
if all this is supposedly true,
bobby seems to lack common sense.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

21 thoughts on “Bobby Valentino Allegedly Gets Caught Up Again

  1. I can’t help but to feel badly for the lil guy. Unlike other R&B artists, Bobby V wasn’t out here getting arrested for fights in clubs, beating women, and going on homophobic rants *ahem Chris Brown*.

    Instead he was minding his business. And unfortunately his career may suffer because of this scandal. His music largely catered to romanticism for women, and the party life for the heterosexual guys. I don’t see anyone in those groups defending him at the moment.

  2. So…he’s a bottom? I would’ve never guessed that. He does have the cakes for it, though, but all this mess is too much. I just hope he can eventually help Kirk Frost out too, since they’re besties.

    1. Lipstick Alley posted tea back in August 2013 from a Trans Woman saying he was a “power bottom”.Mediatakeout posted a story about a Transwoman complaining on Facebook that he didn’t pay for services on August 19,2013.Another Transwoman outed him in Feb 2016.

      I guess this incident made the news because there was a video.
      Apparently he has been dating another cisgendered woman a few months,a stripper in Atlanta.Also his girlfriend or ex girlfriend just had a daughter a couple of months ago.

      The transwoman who was in the video is coming to NY supposedly to do an interview.She just posted on her IG to tag a stylist in NY to do her hair.She said she has proof there was no extortion, she has more video and text messages.
      It’s a hot mess.
      I predict he will do an interview talking about his attraction to Transwomen especially since he decided to go to TMZ.

  3. IOB is the most homophobic and transphobic disgusting gossip sites ever. That’s all I have to say.

      1. Jamari youre such a drama queen. A few comments on your blog post about only dating discreet men means we’re calling you homophobic? Chill bruh. No one came at u sideways, ur trippin.

  4. Lawd, are we sure an adult but that message together? Blackmail is not spelled black male damn…… Anyway I don’t care what anyone says, exposing someone is not call at all. If he only wanted to be with you behind closed doors, then that’s your fault to stay with him, you can walk away and be with someone who is not ashamed of you. You don’t have to expose him, I’m tired of this exposing shit. I don’t know if it’s true but I read that he is suing.

  5. *turns up “I’m coming out” and starts to sing* be free Bobby V. be free! Be free Bobby V be free. Be free Bobby V be free!

  6. SMMFH..another empty headed asshole…….

    You know if all rappers, sports athletes or DL Instagram famous hoes who either sucked dicks, fucked trannies or let men fuck them were suddenly to turn GREEN, Then people like Bobby Valentino would be a RAIN FORREST

    1. Amen. My ex was a sports agent and you wouldn’t believe the extent they go to keep niggas gay sex lives on the DL. It’s really ridiculous.

      1. Ok there you go and you have it from good sources.

        I have very very good sources in track and field and believe me you would not believe the amount of fucking going on in that sport.

        I also come from the entertainment sector and have good knowledge of a lot of under cover DL shit in that sector. Am I saying everyone is involved?


        Am I saying it’s more common than what most people think?
        You bet the fuck I am !

        It’s a damn joke but hey, I can react someone trying to keep their life private. But you don’t expect to lie with dogs and don’t get fleas!

      2. I heard it is very common, especially in college. I know one guy who would swear up in down he was a pussy chaser. One day in the gym when the hallway was empty and I was sitting on the counter. He appeared and gave me a look like he wanted to fuk or do something freaky atm in one of the gym bathrooms and he started coming in my direction until the basketball coach walked into view and he sidetracked another way like he was going in a complete different direction…😐 I shoulda got da pipe…sigh..

  7. Maybe it is just all created by him for publicity, I really do not feel he would get caught up in this crazy mess, unless he is going to do lahha.

  8. I don’t see how this ew story is supposed to help him… It’s even worse if you ask me. Because the man said he didn’t know she was trans. Now not only he knew but he wanted to be tag teamed, I mean…
    Anyway that whole story needs to go already such a mess. The woman in the first video is saying she has receipts it wasn’t extorsion or blackmailing Bobby vs is saying he didn’t know and now this one said he knew but it was indeed blackmailing… A MESS!
    And yes IOB is homophobic and transphobic as he’ll is painful to read comments there.

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