being built (again)

laying on my couch in the dark,
i stare up at the ceiling as the street lights peek through the drapes.
it’s around 2 am and i can’t fall asleep.
my thoughts continuously keep me up at night.
the fears and worries have become my personal freddy kreuger.
the only sound coming from my apartment is the ticking of the clock.
it sounds like a bomb almost.


mentally and emotionally,
thats how i’ve been feeling.
i have been waiting for the big explosion.
it feels like i’ve fallen off from myself and my life…

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Justin Bieber Is Now The “9 to 5” To Selena Gomez Weeknd?

we have all been “the idiot” once or twice in our lives.
i know i’ve been.
in relationships,
it’s easy to say “what you gon’ do” before it actually happens.
good sex and emotions done trapped most of ya’ll up.
this is the dilemma of selena gomez.
it seems she is back with her ex,
justin bieber.
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Bobby Valentino Allegedly Gets Caught Up Again

caught up yet again?
so the forests are all talk about this bobby valentino scandal.
i thought he faded into obscurity,
but clearly,
his star is back on the rise.
as you know,
he got caught up with a trans she hyena over the weekend.
according to industry on blast,
he may have been set up.
this is a message they received from another trans she hyena…
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So They Allegedly Trying To Out Justin Combs… Again?

Screen Shot 2016-01-17 at 1.35.58 AM

what now?
justin combs is the talk of the forests these days.
last week it was ( x this ),
and now its the following story.
so some alleged hackers decided to leak some instagram dms.
it was between justin and dr dre’s step son,
lou g.
this is what a foxholer allegedly found via fameolous
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