The “I Miss You” Nonsense

you know what really burns my biscuits?

“I miss you”

i don’t know if it does with you,
but it certainly makes me vex

…and not even in a text or a phone call either.
when someone flexes on social media.
some post,
your picture,
and “i miss you” on it.
when you do that,
i’m considering blocking your ass ON SIGHT.

we all are busy.
social media has a way of letting you know just how busy someone is.
if your “friend” is making time for others,
but “misses” you,
then you know where you stand.
if you really “miss” someone,
you know their number.
texting or calling is free.
siri/alexa even know how to get to my crib.
making announcements on social media tho?

fuck pineapple shit.

your texts dry,
but they “missing you” for the world to see?
if you don’t get the fuck

we gotta stop giving passes to “friends” who do dumb shit.
you’ll always be played like a sucka if so.

lowkey: is it wrong that i’m seeing how fake a lot of pineapples are?
i’m not the one this era.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “The “I Miss You” Nonsense

  1. To be honest I hate the I miss you text because if you genuinely cared about me and my well-being you have my number to reach out to me.

    This faking for others does nothing but show to me that you really aren’t about shit.

  2. I said the same. exact. thing. Tired of superficial friendships. I saw a ‘friend’ of mine that I used to work with with his other friends go out to Montauk this past weekend. They know I’m back in NYC, but they only wanna hit me up when they have gatherings and parties? I know where I stand. Tired of these superficial shallow friendships.

  3. When I’m done with you, I’m DONE.
    I don’t answer texts, calls,etc. I will tell them…I’ve moved on, so if you don’t want to be ignored, lose my number. If we don’t hang there’s a reason, and I’ll gladly tell ya.
    I no longer have time for “friends” that only wanted to contact me when they need something or want to whine about their lovelife. Because when you say no…it’s YOU that has the problem, not THEM. LOL

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