So I Saw “Girl’s Trip” And Well…

my interview was a couple blocks down from the movie theater.
one of the good ones with the reclining seats.
i love how the movie theaters come with those now.
if the movie is wack,
you can take a heavy nap in style.
i decided to finally watch “girl’s trip” today.
the reviews are good and everyone was talking about it.
i didn’t want to wait until it was online to watch.


the theater was packed.
mostly black folks with a few whites scattered about.
i love when black folks come together for one of “our” movies tho.
it makes the experience better for me.
i LOVE the talking back to the screen that we notoriously do.

that was the funniest movie i have seen in a long time.
i laughed so hard at parts that i was in tears.
i needed those laughs as i’ve been low-key going through.
tiffany haddish is definitely the break out star.
she stole every scene she appeared in.
and regina did amazingly in their roles too.
i am a fan of all 3 and i liked how their chemistry worked on screen.
my favorite parts were when they were hallucinating,
“the pee”,
and tiffany showing them “grape fruiting”.
i didn’t know that was a thing,
but i’m interested for future relationship goals.
i see a little of myself in jada’s character “lisa” tho.
not so uptight,
but needing the cobwebs knocked off my situation by a “malik”.
can we talk about “malik” played by kofi siriboe

when kofi walked on the screen the first time in the movie…

every vixen in the theater screamed.
everyone who watches it says that was the reaction in their theater too.
there is no words to describe the lust i felt for him watching that movie.
he had my insides vibrating.
he is “aight” on “queen sugar”,
but he was “next level sexy” in “girl’s trip”.
i am so glad we were blessed with his ( x naked tail shot ).
i still don’t understand why he was screaming in that scene,
but i’m sure i’ll get an explanation.

i left the movie feeling sad tho.
i dream for a “flossy posse” kind of friendship,
but i think i may have missed that boat.
friendship like that seems too start in your early years.
high school or college.
star fox was mine,
but  i don’t think i’ll ever meet friends like that again.
so i guess my adventures may just be solo,
but full commentary from the foxhole.
that is just the reality of my life,
i guess.

all in all,
i need the foxhole to go see “girl’s trip” ASAP.
you won’t be disappointed.

lowkey: tiffany haddish would be cool af to have a friend.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

15 thoughts on “So I Saw “Girl’s Trip” And Well…”

  1. The movie was hilarious. he was screaming because the acidity of the grapefruit juice burns when it goes in the pee shooter . I hear it’s like a burning sensation that hurts like no other feels like a urinary tract infection

    1. P.S. I don’t think the friendship boat has sailed for you completely, I just think maybe you’re at the wrong port 😜

  2. I have a Firestick and made it a point to go see the movie in theaters with my partner. Love to support Black Excellence. There is only so long The Powers That Be can keep repeating the lie that they can not make movies with a minority cast (much less lead) because they don’t make money.

    I went in Atlanta on a Tuesday evening. The audience was mixed but mostly Black. This one group behind us kept talking to the screen and was hella-distracting, but I loved the experience.

    ALSO, DO NOT GO SEE THE MOVIE DETROIT until you read up on it more. There was not Black input, no Black director, no Black Producer and is Whitewashed. A White woman director decided chose the narrative.

    1. ^im hearing bad things about detriot.
      ill have to read up on it,
      but i wasn’t interested.
      poor algee tho.
      this was his big role outside of the new edition movie.
      the guy from “the quad” too.

  3. What a coincidence LOL, I watched Girls Trip yesterday too! And YES Tiffany Haddish was DEFINITELY the firecracker of the show. She had me bussing up in EVERY scene that she was in. The Hallucinating scene was hilarious, and the scene where they walked in the club and had that dance off.

    And yes the FLossy Possy friendship looks so beautiful, it reminded me of the friendship of the women in Set It Off (Stoney, TT, Cleo, Frankie). I love movies that center around black women sisterhood. The chemistry between these women is very strong so it works well on the movie as well

    Oh, and Kofi is so pretty.

  4. I haven’t seen Girls Trip yet, but after all the reviews from people I trust (like you Jamari) I’m definitely going to see it this weekend. Also, I have the same feelings about friendship as you Jamari. I’m 33, and I wonder if the time has passed for me to meet 2,3,4 dudes who will eventually become like brothers to me. I’ve always wanted to do something like go on a long-ass road trip with a few close friends. I’m FRIENDLY with a lot of people, but no one I would consider “my nigga.” I’m not giving up all hope though, but I wouldn’t even know how to make a close friendship like that. Maybe this could be a topic for one of your future entries?

  5. I don’t think the time is passed…You all sound like a bunch of 99 year old men. Go out, mingle make friends and go on a cruise, Go to the Dominican Republic…before you do turn 99 and can’t do anything else. The How Stella Got Her Groove Back movement ain’t over till ya dead.

  6. Don’t worry Jay. You can join my Flosse Posse… I saw it the same type of theatre as you, sitting between 5 African women of various ages that came together. Our reclining theaters have you choose your seat, so I don’t know how or why I somehow ended up in the middle. THEN, the movie started, and you would have thought we ALL came together. That was most fun I have in a movie in 2 decades at least.

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