So I Did It 3 Times In One Day (I’m Tired)

so i had another job interview today.
can i get a job?
this summer heat,
these hot ass interviewing clothes,
and all this walking around
the crazy part about this particular job tho?…

it was in the same building as one of my old jobs.
one of my first jobs before i started the foxhole.
my interview was on the same floor i use to work on and everything.
it felt like a mind fuck walking back in there.

i ended up getting interviewed 3 times today.

two older snow bunnies
one older snow wolf

i spoke to the two older snow bunnies for what seemed like an hour.
jamari fox loves to talk.
that is something i’ve noticed about myself.
i use to be so shy.
getting me to talk was not easy.
i’ve busted out my fur and i’ll talk your ass to death.
the two older snow bunnies were impressed with me.
they loved that i use to work in that building as well.
the area is great,
it’s closer to my crib,
and all my stores are close by.

the older snow bunny seemed hesitant,
but i wore him down with light banter.
he said my personality is “outgoing”.
he liked that i said:

“People often say my energy is contagious.”

at the end of the interview,
when i asked him his expectations for the position,
he mentioned that sentence that i said.
i got a lot of “very qualified” and “great personality” from them.
i left there feeling positive about that interview.
of course,
they are interviewing others so we shall see how this goes.
after i went to go see “girl’s trip”.
next entry…

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12 thoughts on “So I Did It 3 Times In One Day (I’m Tired)”

      1. I’ve been interviewed about 4 times, but three of them were for retail jobs where I had to take tests and I failed them. The last interview was for this sales and marketing clerk position and I didn’t get the job. Oh well, I’m starting my business.

  1. When I first saw the headline I thought you were talking about something else.I was thinking Damn J needs to find a job or hobby if he is “pleasuring himself” three times a day til the point of exhaustion(tired).Just kidding 😂 Good Luck 🙏

  2. Yet another difference between men and women.I have never done it more than once a day.Between lighting candles,finding batteries,finding a video on Pornhub,etc…it’s a process.😂

    That’s a question you should ask the foxhole,like a poll question.(no pun intended)

    1. “lighting candles,finding batteries,finding a video on Pornhub,etc…it’s a process.”

      I’m impressed! you make it a show lol

  3. As always good luck Jamari

    Don’t give up I hated my job and kept praying and looking and I just got hired at a much better place, so keep your head up.

  4. My previous position was a contract position. We completed the contract early and they had to continue to pay until the end of the contract date. I turned down a lower paying position within the company because I knew the contractor still had to pay me and I would get unemployment.

    Fast forward a few months, the interview process for finding a new job was brutal. It’s very dehumanizing. It really takes a toll on your self-esteem. You apply for jobs that you know are a match and get B.S. responses on why they’ve chosen another candidate.

    My current job is “hiring” new candidates. The hiring manager (a white male) wants to hire cute White chicks. Had one heavier White girl come in on temp basis. Did an amazing job. They let her go because she wasn’t a fit for the company. Complete B.S.

    All this to say, continue to show up to job interviews on-point. The interviewer mainly wants to know that you are capable of doing the job and not participating in gossip around the office.

  5. I know it may seem like a lot, but keep trying to make things work. Something will come along soon enough. Praying for you.

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