So About Rihanna and “The Dress” Last Night…


rihanna is the only artist right now to merge:


 …into a perfect little package.
i am always ready to see what she brings to the table during big events.
it’s always something that she wears.
it never wears her.
i was hoping she attended the 2017 met gala was last night.
she did in a commes des garcon “avant garde” ensemble:

…with heels from her dsquared2 line along with a watch from her chopard line.
well she got rave reviews she put up on her ig…

even the “” twitter had something to say:

i love that she always comes in theme at the met galas.
that is the point.
does anyone else get the memo?
this is what it means to be “in theme” at the met gala:

rihanna is pretty much here to stay.
i hate have to break that news to those who dislike her.
  those against it will have to…

lowkey: this is her interview with andre leon talley on the vogue youtube last night…

see all the other interviews with andre leon talley: here

4 thoughts on “So About Rihanna and “The Dress” Last Night…

  1. Everything from Riri’s makeup down to her shoes were great. My other faves were Zendaya, janelle,
    Monae, and tracee Ellis Ross. I’ve come to to expect everyone not to dress according to the theme now, a few years ago I don’t get it but every year they have this thing more and more people just come dressed like whatever.

  2. I was waiting for Met Gala Queen Sarah Jessica Parker to show up. Rihanna seemed to only get the memo regarding the theme. Janelle Monae was also dressed to impress.

  3. What Philip said…. also alot of people could have stayed home Kim, Selena, Kylie,Kendall ..even Frank as much as I loved him.

    1. ^everyone forgets the met gala is a costume party.
      how insulting to show up to an event,
      honoring a designer,
      and not wear their fashions.
      she was there too so i know she felt some kind of way.

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