billy porter doesn’t need the met gala, right?

billy porter,
in my opinion,
is someone who suffers from “bigego-isitis“.
remember when he was the hot ‘n’ happenings while pose was going on?
all the black folks who hate anna wintour are cheering him on today.
as you know,
or didn’t,
he called her ( x the b word ) after trying to prove his point.
in doing so,
he ( x lost his invite to the met gala ) going forward.
once a staple at the event will be no more.


he shouldn’t be upset tho…

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they set up camp to be homophobic about odell beckham jr (met gala)

that was my word of the day today.

camp (n): something so outrageously artificial, affected, inappropriate, or out-of-date as to be considered amusing

a style or mode of personal or creative expression that is absurdly exaggerated and often fuses elements of high and popular culture

that was the theme of the “met gala” last night.
as a fox,
who lives a good theme,
that always means you dress in your most outrageous.
nfl baller wolf,
odell beckham jr,
came in “his” most outrageous…
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So Wakanda Was In Full “Turnt Up” At The Met Gala

you know if i was at the rihanna’s met gala last night,
i’d be in the “wakanda” section of the situation.
i love when black folks come together for a good time.
no beef.
no drama.
well the following was the lit section at rihanna’s met gala,
compliments of john boyega and letitia wright
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I’m Already On My Knees For Rihanna

i love a good themed event.
if i ever throw and event and it has a specific theme,
and you show up otherwise,
you won’t be getting in.
i’m legit serious.
tonight is the ’18 met gala.
this year,
it’s hosted by rihanna.
the theme is “heavenly bodies” and it’s all about the catholic church.
this is what she wore
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So About Rihanna and “The Dress” Last Night…


rihanna is the only artist right now to merge:


 …into a perfect little package.
i am always ready to see what she brings to the table during big events.
it’s always something that she wears.
it never wears her.
i was hoping she attended the 2017 met gala was last night.
she did in a commes des garcon “avant garde” ensemble:

…with heels from her dsquared2 line along with a watch from her chopard line.
well she got rave reviews she put up on her ig…
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Dwyane Wade Is Such A Fashionisto Baller Wolf

tumblr_nnukdhN8aa1rvk4rxo1_540…and gabby looks nice too.
this is what dwyane wade wore to the 2015 met gala tonight.
he looks like a chinese emperor.
not mad at the look.
love the loafers.
i need a pair,
5 hours ago.

lowkey: he is starting to get it.
it looks like he hired someone.
welcome aboard dwyane!