So Wakanda Was In Full “Turnt Up” At The Met Gala

you know if i was at the rihanna’s met gala last night,
i’d be in the “wakanda” section of the situation.
i love when black folks come together for a good time.
no beef.
no drama.
well the following was the lit section at rihanna’s met gala,
compliments of john boyega and letitia wright

and a few shots of the melanin magic:

i was in the middle of that melanin mosh pit.
all of that makes me so happy.
i’m sure the white folks didn’t know what was happening.
what a time to be alive.

lowkey: i’m starting to find trevor noah very attractive.
is that weird?

videos/pictures cc: john boyega | letitia wright

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “So Wakanda Was In Full “Turnt Up” At The Met Gala”

  1. When was Trevor not attractive? He’s the definition of cutie with a booty. The question people ask is if he only play in the snow. It’s pretty much expected for most men in the industry

  2. They look nice. Especially the guy in white. It looks like something Prince would wear. He’s definitely the standout of the men there.

    The chick with the blonde hair and diamond eyebrows and stuff is rockin it hard. Very impressive.

  3. Trevor has always been Zaddy! Where you been? I watch clips of him on The Daily Show on YouTube, I’m subscribed just to see him. Love his accent but most importantly he has a witty personality and he’s so intelligent and thats what makes me most attracted to a man. Intelligence. I like learning from people, it stimulates me.

    You can be cute but when you’re dumb as a bag of rocks then thats as far as it goes. You’re nothing but a booty call. But when you’re attractive and intelligent it goes a very long way for me, at that point I actually want to spend more time around you doing other things. And because he is also of African heritage like me that just makes him even more attractive to me.

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