Nicki Minaj and Cardi B: BFF Forever?

i’m starting to see that i’m kind of a forgiving fox.
i can be “over shit” real quick if i think it’s silly.
this is after a few months of “out of sight; out of mind” tho.
well i guess we can all sleep tonight.
cardi b and nicki minaj had a convo at the met ball.
i know.
their drama was keeping me up at night.
from the looks of these photos tho…

…cardi she knows what she’s dealing with.
her facial is telling me another story.
it looks like nicki is confronting her about “all that happened“.

she did it with cameras in full hd view.
if cardi came out of pocket,
nicki could get cardi slapping her on camera.

you know she loves a victim act.
she also got a record to sell.
cardi is obviously the “forest’s choice” these days.
nicki is the villain at this point.
i guess the barbz can stop wishing harm on cardi new born:

now that she may have squashed this beef,
let’s do this with remy!
lil kim after that,
if she’s feeling real adventurous.

lowkey: can we font about this…

i don’t get any of it.
did you?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

4 thoughts on “Nicki Minaj and Cardi B: BFF Forever?”

  1. Idc about this reunion. I’m more interested to know how it was with Rihanna & Nicki ignoring each other at this event, especially since Rihanna unfollowed Nicki on instagram last year after the Remy beef. It must have been awkward being in that room together as two massive global superstars who publicly burned bridges.

    I would hate to be in that gala, it seems so pretentious and fake. “Celebrities” dressing up to outdo one another and all in one room trying to steal the spotlight with all of their cliques. Can you imagine all of the fake photo ops in there? Wow. I think this is only good if you want EXPOSURE, but other than that it just seems like a place where pretentious people go to stroke their ego.

    Notice the Brad Pitts, Jolie, The Smiths, Oprah, Nicole Kidman, Tom Cruise, Denzel, Ellen etc. don’t show up. I know you have to be invited to the met but I honestly think its just a place for celebs who want or NEED attention/publicity for their brands. Well established celebs with real wealth don’t need or care enough to attend. After all, it’s run by Anna Wintour. A fashion snob who clings onto any hot person of the moment.

  2. That last picture look like a knockoff scene from a Coming To America Movie…Jus saying. I’ve said my comments bout these two women in the past. I don’t particularly fancy either one of them because they have this slutty image that folks seem to think is cute and their songs are weird too. Just me on a personal preference thing (I’m talking about their music not them as folks…)

    Had my pic of the two look…Cardi seems like she has more natural beauty to her but Nikki gives me this vibe that she’d probably beat Cardi six ways through Texas to Cali if she got outta line.

    All I need is a pic of Queen Latifah and her song playing…U.N.I.T.Y…who you calling a bytch with the pics in a slideshow!! 😤

    I am super curious about what is really going on with this Cardi B uprising. I always find it interesting how folks pop up on the music scene like this…as if it was blueprinted or something.

    Ya know…….

    I’m more familiar with Nikki than I am with the other woman.

    Ya know at one point….Cardi B reminded me of Left Eye from TLC…and then I had to compare their tracks and was like… personality is there…vocally no.

    A lot of folks didn’t know Left Eye could sing and rap.

    1. ^i uno…
      there are a few videos on youtube with cardi fighting and it seems like she is about that action.

      left eye was a beast and it’s a shame we only had one of her for this lifetime.
      t and c can’t get their careers together since she left this earth.

      1. Idk…Nikki look crazy. Like she will cut you again and again and again and again and again…..In one of those pics…she is giving Jack Nicholson from The Shinning. The part where he’s pepping through the door and like Here’s Johnny!!!…I can see her coming after Cardi with that same look…Here’s Nikki!!

        But you know what…Some posts ago I said something about some of Beyonce fans mostly being lunatics…I was looking at that pic of the tweets and I’m sorry but that is pretty evil. You really do have some foul people out there.

        Ya know I’m going out on a limb when I say this but I wish that person was tracked down and locked up. When folks start wishing death on others like that it really shows you how cultish their love is for regular humans.

        If the events of the Bible “are true” you can bet a lot of them are going to be toasted for idol worshipping….but since the whole lake of fire Bible stuff is just possibly a fairy tale the Euros/Greeks made up to control.the masses…(seems totbe fairing well in Africa dont you think?) We’ll just have to deal with these obsessed folks until a meteor hits the Earth or supervolcano or something else decimates population.

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