Help Wanted?

so i’ve been playing around with the idea of hiring an intern.
as you know,
i want to take the foxhole to the next level.
i’ve need someone who knows the language of:


so a marketing intern would be perfect for what i’m looking for.
my only issue is,
when it comes to explaining to someone what the foxhole is…

I don’t exactly know what to say

it’s like,
this is a place where i get to express myself through writing.
this is my journal to the world that i leave on my bed for you to read.
nothing is off limits.
i love entertainment,
pop culture
and the shenanigans of others so i add that as well.
i don’t really know how to describe the foxhole.
it’s just something i do.
it comes naturally because it comes from a place of “no pressure”.
whatever interests me that day,
i find inspiration to share with the foxhole.
it’s something i love doing.

I just don’t know what to describe “this” as

that makes sense.
i hope to connect with someone that’ll be able to help me with that.
i’ll have the information for a summer intern soon.

Author: jamari fox

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