I’m Already On My Knees For Rihanna

i love a good themed event.
if i ever throw and event and it has a specific theme,
and you show up otherwise,
you won’t be getting in.
i’m legit serious.
tonight is the ’18 met gala.
this year,
it’s hosted by rihanna.
the theme is “heavenly bodies” and it’s all about the catholic church.
this is what she wore

so she won in that maison margiela number.
she always shows up to the met gala in theme.
i love how detailed she is.
these are the other looks that caught my eye so far:

chadwick boseman and jared leto are tied for “best dressed wolf”.
i was HOPING madonna showed up in theme.
she dragging the catholic church has been her entire career.
…and even tho he didn’t show up in theme,
i want to show love to michael b jordan’s arms in this suit:


lowkey: where is beyonce?

*all pictures/videos are credited to their owners

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

13 thoughts on “I’m Already On My Knees For Rihanna”

  1. ET reported that Beyonce and Jay were on vacation (trip) resting before they start their tour.

  2. I’m glad I saw this. The yt media had all the trash looks from the starlets who’s names I think are either Emma or Olivia. Lmao @Michael B. He threw a cross on that joint at the last minute. The theme isn’t Janet Through the Years. He look like Janet in the Escapade video.

  3. This looks pretty spiffy. Madonna is always dragging…lol I’ve actually grown to love Rhianna. I don’t listen to her music I just like her image and as a person.

    Hey, Jamari…if you’re into peping out hot straight guys…Brandon P. Bell the actor has some brief but nice ass shots in Dear White People and the hair on his chin and new cut makes him look a lot better. Nice milk chocolate looking man…his shade and darker with that chilled body always gets me googly eyes some times..😵 I snap back into myself in a few though. 😂

  4. Ol girl with the chain mail dress is a beast too. I love the girl with the wings also. I’m digging these outfits.

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