Teairra Mari Gets A Whole Face Load of Sex Tape Leakage

*the following entry is parental advisory.
viewer discretion is strongly advised.

ya know,
was i the only one who bought teairra mari’s first album?
that feels like a “yes”.
i was rooting for her,
but alas,
she fell victim to the typical stupidity.
teairra was allegedly running wild in these forests.
she was
banished back to detroit and working at claires.

her singing career is doa and does “lhhh” to pay the bills.
she got some wild sex tape leakage all over her face today.
her ex,
akbar abdul-ahad

…allegedly hacked her ig and posted these…

x PIC 1

x PIC 2

can she even deny that’s her?
is she jerking off his pipe or suckin it?
after she wiped off the embarrassment,
she quickly deleted and posted the following:

the good news is:
this is the most attention she has gotten.
i’m sure this gives her a new story line on “lhhh” too.
there is a side of me that thinks this was no accident tho.
that’s the life of a reality star,
you’re only as good as your next story line.
i’m sure this will add tears,
angry she-jackals pulling weaves,
and more ratings to help mona’s shenanigans.
all well be right again in that racthet world.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “Teairra Mari Gets A Whole Face Load of Sex Tape Leakage”

  1. Why, why,why, do these stupid ass people allow themselves to be videoed, I don’t give a damn how in love I am that shit ain’t happening, cause things change over time. On a brighter note Akbar is very handsome, with a nice piece! Maybe she’ll become famous like kim Kardashian? Not

  2. Okay there are a lot of things to take from this first off never let a nigga record/snap anything that could put you in a compromising situation, this is why I don’t even like sending nudes anymore cause dudes do stupid shit like this for no reason.

    Second, I want to feel like maybe it’s a stunt but I honestly believe he did it I mean you’d be surprised what fuck dudes are capable of no matter how attractive and nice they pipe is/looks. Btw I see him being a guy that would have a thirst following just based off that image of him/his nudes alone.

    Finally shit like this really sucks because you feel like you want to really trust somebody and you can’t trust anybody not even a person you were/are dating to respect your boundaries or even you as a person.

  3. First of all, you’re right. You’re only as good as your last storyline. When these shows come on air it’s like the cast are releasing albums when they announce their storylines. They gotta make it as good as possible to keep them trending and booked. Remember when Mimi from the ATL cast pretended that her “home video” was “leaked”? Only for her to admit on the next season that she leaked it herself. Lame.

    Secondly, her man Is FINE and an upgrade aesthetically from all of the frogs she’s been with! (Cisco, Ray J etc.) – also he only had 16k followers last time I checked and this fiasco gave him the most attention he’s ever had.

    Thirdly, Titi can’t suck dick for SHIT! Wtf was she doing? Giving me Blac Chyna teas but not as lazy. Just a lack technique. Its way sexier when somebody gives head with no hands. Engulf on that dick and slide up and down on it with those lips. Stop grabbing the damn thing, that shit aint sexy. She needs lessons from Karrine Steffans.

    And lastly, her downfall is really tragic. Like honestly. There’s nothing more uglier than the downfall of a musician or actor. Its never pretty. From complete stardom to struggling for bookings.

  4. He was foul for doing this to her though. I continue to tell people that you cannot trust everybody. Hopefully, she will get him for everything he’s got.

  5. Wow. Let this be a lesson cause I know some thirst bots peepin him out cause he is “attractive” and has a pretty peen…but that is real embarrassing for. Like, who really want the world to see you like that? Some man’s junk all over your face? I have never understood why these women let men nut all up in they face like that and take pics. Straight up disrespectful if you ask me…BUT (Topic Change)…I once remember researching that it’s subconsciously something in the mind with men as to why they do this.

    Something about them seeing their own stuff on someone else amplifies their superiority over them. His behavior seems to mirror this because in that first pic it is a picture of his name tatted on her before the second pic of his man glue plastered all over her face. A form of visual control. Also, possibly the type to end up stalking you and the next stage could be worse..(that is, if he really did this.)

    You never know these days. People will post anything these days to glo up. Remember, that has tag about giving blowjobs and folks were posting vids with hashtags for likes..2018..😌

  6. Wouldn’t be surprised if he did it. Dude will act up like flat out bitches when they hurt. He a jackal if he did this and that makes him an unattractive clown that’s about to have his ass out to dry if Teairra has a legitimate case. He better hope nobody in jail saw that video with that Peen 😂 choices

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