I Love You But You Ain’t Getting My Password

i’m starting to think folks are too trusting.
in relationships,
now don’t get me wrong,
when you meet someone,
you gotta lower your walls down.
that means being open to letting someone in.
i’m all for that “love me long time” shit.
after watching that teairra mari shit,
i had to wonder…

Why does her EX still have the password to her IG?

why does he even have it in the first place?

make it make sense.
i’m cool with my wolf knowing everything about me.
there will be a certain trust i want to have with him too.
i’ll know that if i’m not with him,
his pipe ain’t in everyone guts and knocking out their tonsils.
that is a deal breaker for me.
when it comes to my passwords tho…

Nahhhhhh homie

folks is too petty out here.
they never show that side until you break up with them.
next thing you know,
not only is he slandering your whole name,
but has video evidence and slide shows to prove it.
sometimes i wonder why folks make sex tapes so quick too.
you just met and you okay being filmed?
just like that?
don’t even know they full name,
mama name,
or if someone got their last name.

oh ok…
my man doesn’t need to be in my phone and vice versa.
ain’t that much “trust ” in the world.
if i gotta get his passwords,
or he needs mine,
then we don’t need to be together.
so i had to ask the foxhole…

Would you give your man your passwords to your various accounts?

3 thoughts on “I Love You But You Ain’t Getting My Password

  1. I think some people just enjoy watching videos of them having sex. I don’t but it is a thing I guess

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