…but i trusted you and you do this to mi?

my sistermi” and i are the same.
we seek validation from others because we crave and yearn to be loved.
underneath all of mi’s mental illness,
she is someone who values having people in her life.
she has had to see important people leave her life at such a young life.
she witnessed a lot of death and clings to people she feels “loves” her.
so we are very similar,
but the difference between her and i is that…

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I Love You But You Ain’t Getting My Password

i’m starting to think folks are too trusting.
in relationships,
now don’t get me wrong,
when you meet someone,
you gotta lower your walls down.
that means being open to letting someone in.
i’m all for that “love me long time” shit.
after watching that teairra mari shit,
i had to wonder…

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Kevin Hart Broke His “Rib” Trust? (Duh?)


well torrei tried to tell her…
whenever folks talk about karma isn’t real,
i usually smile and just wait for it.
they try to say “what goes around comes around”,
but it’s still the same.
karma is definitely real and we all experience it,
bad or good.
in this case,
eniko thought she was in the clear.
she was the side piece to kevin hart,
knowing he was married to torrei at the time.
kevin wasn’t going to disappoint in embarrassing her.
he posted this video on his instagram…
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My Little Phony: The Foxy Tribulations of Trust

something so hard to attain,
but so easy to break.
i can say that i use to be a very trusting fox.
i’m very “bright eyed and bushy tailed”.
always wanting to see the best in everyone.
putting those before me.

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The Power of Being Comfortable

tumblr_n0ktsz68Xy1rli00ho1_500you don’t know the power you have until someone is under your spell.
sometimes that power can turn the straightest of wolves out.
now not every wolf you meet will be gay.
some might be bi,
or “i only do this with you and no one else”.
the greatest power we all posses is making people feel comfortable.
allowing people to be themselves is something not many of us can do.
when you meet other animals,
and allow them to let down their guard,
that can be the most powerful weapon in your arsenal…
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I Don’t Trust U

something so hard to build,
and so easy to be broken.
in life,
we learn early on how to trust our parents.
well we had no choice.
they had to feed,
and protect us.
when we got into the real world,
we started meeting friends.
we would tell them our secrets with hope of them locking them away.
well it isn’t until someone comes along and breaks that trust,
maybe a few times,
that we start putting up walls and being extremely guarded.
i can say that is how my life has turned out.
you want to know something about me?…

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