…but i trusted you and you do this to mi?

my sistermi” and i are the same.
we seek validation from others because we crave and yearn to be loved.
underneath all of mi’s mental illness,
she is someone who values having people in her life.
she has had to see important people leave her life at such a young life.
she witnessed a lot of death and clings to people she feels “loves” her.
so we are very similar,
but the difference between her and i is that…

I will fight for my friends fiercely.

i am very feisty when it comes to those i love.
my sister,
on the other hand,
will turn on you for her “friends”.
she has turned on so many of her family members for raggamuffins.
when she attacked me up in here,
it was because of some people that she doesn’t even talk to anymore.
when she was in the midst of a mental break,
her same “friends” recorded it and uploaded it to snapchat.
she has a big problem with discernment.

i had to learn it the hard way in my come up,
but it is something i understand a little more clearer.

i found out yesterday that another friend betrayed her trust yet again.
according to her aunt on a phone call yesterday:

This friend she called her “ryde of die” drained all her money out of her bank account.

over 5k.

the friend knew my sister isn’t in her right mind.
she was eating’ good off of my sister and mi didn’t even know.
that type of shit makes me angry and sad.
even tho my sister and i are estranged,
i often worry about her because she doesn’t make the right decisions.

She always leaves her fate in someone else’s hands.

…and it’s always the wrong hands.
it’s always a never-ending saga with my sister and i always pray for her.
i hope she can get it together and really open up her third eye for 2021.

lowkey: if mi is protected by higher forces like i am,
all those who hurt her will fall.
everyone who hurt me has suffered.
God and The Universe don’t play about me.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

2 thoughts on “…but i trusted you and you do this to mi?”

  1. I’m sorry to hear that about your sister. I know that feeling all to well, my sister falls in love with every man that she see and try to have a baby with them. These guys that she gets involved with end leaving. I try tell her to stop the behavior, it only end up with us arguing. I back off and leave her alone.

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