lamonte (king) stennis isn’t gay or bi (he just lets ya’ll touch him for a price)

remember when lamonte aka king stennis was sexy af?
that was before he started sharing his thoughts on social media.
no cap,
i think that made him more popular tbh.
he is attractive and has a nice bawdy.
those two things alone will allow him to get away with many things.
since he does the paint n sips with “exotic paintings“,
and allows males to touch on his bawdy,
everyone wants him to be gay.
he took to his ig stories to let ya’ll know…

i mean,
there are so many rumors about him at this point.
at this point,
it’s like whatever.

i know one thing:

Was I the only one expecting him to be really good in bed?

…or was that just the fantasy?
it’s like he holds back or something.
it could be having to perform on camera which can be a lot.
you can be concerned with how you look or come across.
i will say he fucks the white vixen good from a clip i have seen.
the other vixens he dealt with are yawn-worthy.
as far as having to explain his sexuality,
it’s yawn-worthy at this point too.

lowkey: the thighs still ain’t yawn-worthy tho.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

22 thoughts on “lamonte (king) stennis isn’t gay or bi (he just lets ya’ll touch him for a price)”

  1. Community property! Anything for a coin, I’ll bet you that most of his coins come from the gay community, I don’t support attention whores like this.

  2. He’s only sexually attracted to Trump! Let’s leave his ass in 2020 PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! ps He wasn’t gay when I saw him coming out of the locked bathroom naked with a male party goer!…

    1. Not only are you messy and contrast your last statement but Jamari is as well. If I were Lamonte I’d sue Jamari for defamation and creating an atmosphere of hatred towards just for click bait. I’ll be contacting Lamonte about suing Jamari about this article and other distasteful articles he has posted about him

      1. Man…move the fuck around you spectator. And if you do that lame ass shit we gone find out who you are and beat you the fuck up.

      2. ^cody,
        you always pop up in these articles with some very interesting logic.
        let’s play the game of true story.

        true story.
        lamonte said on his ig stories that he isn’t gay.
        in my initial entry,
        did i say that lamonte was gay?

        if you read it,
        i had no opinion tbh.
        its really not that serious.

        true story.
        every article i have written about him was things HE said and did.
        one was someone’s alleged encounter with him.
        he created his own reputation for himself.
        i never did that.
        he is a trump supporter,
        which is truth.
        he has turned many people off by what he said in defense to trump over the last four years.
        that is also truth.

        if i am,
        i’ll stand to be corrected,
        but i doubt i’m wrong about all the facts presented.

      3. Bitch ass by lamount no king str as straight house nigga bottom period no man lap dance $and gets to say straight by hater

      4. Karen go sit yo’ ass down on some dick where it’s more useful. Lamonte has done enough to his own character himself; there’s nothing left to defame! Jamari is like CNN, just reporting the catastrophes as they show up in the world. Lamonte fucked himself the minute he tried to promote racism, and sexism. Why don’t you and Lamonte get together a mass trump rally and make America Great by swallowing some bleach and lighting up them cheeks?!!! Mmmmkay pumpkin!

  3. His sexuality? Is he gay? Bisexual? Straight? He’s whatever you want . . .IF THE PRICE IS RIGHT! Make him an offer. LOL

  4. Hey fellas before a man comes out he often says I’m not gay wink wink then its bi or gay for pay look at tanksnlove we see now he fucking raw and remember sexy j years later hes a bottom doing gay porn boy by

    1. We see you, projecting. It’s a known fact that a lot of gay men end up being diagnosed with psychiatric illnesses. This is well documented. Thanks for outing your mental health.

  5. Yeah he’s attractive but 1-He’s a Trump Supporter(or worse, trolls while pretending to be one) and 2-He literally NEVER uses condoms. I can imagine how dirty that dick is and the diseases he’s come across..

  6. I thought in a old post from a long time ago he said he messed around with a guy before. Either way you cut it, this man proudly supported Trump, he can keep all parts of his body to himself. I don’t think his personality is attractive either if we’re keeping it 100.

  7. This dude is SERIOUSLY overrated!!!I don’t understand why the gay community obsess over him. He’s not all that!! Nice enough body but he’s a dime a dozen. There are better looking, nicer straight guys y’all could be drooling over. Let’s leave him in 2020 with Trump, please!!

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