foxmail: i paid for 150 for exclusive content from onlyfans and he didn’t send me the video! help!


more context:


we want to see our fantasies at their most intimate.
i know i do.
i love watching wolves i’m attracted to having sex.
that has always been my fantasy.
you can tell who is a pleaser vs super self-absorbed.
onlyfans has helped us to see our fantasies wolves get down and dirty.
the issue?

They charge ridiculous prices for exclusive content

they’ll try pitching videos that are less than a minute for $55.55.

“Can you make a video of you,
eating your own cum off an ice cream cone?”

“Can you sit on a dido,
spin in a circle,
sing the theme song for “sailor moon”,
and jack off at the same time?”

the requests can be a little OD.
some come through,
but many are scammers.

98% of the straights on Onlyfans tend to be scammers.

i’ll be 100%,
i’d never pay 150 for a video from anyone on onlyfans.
not because i’m “too good“,
but because some of these jackals don’t know how to do business.
there are no contracts involved so you have to go on their word.
some of these folks are narcissists.
as far as the jackal in the foxmail,
his onlyfans consists of:

17 posts
9 video clips
15 seconds long
All the “what he won’t do”

thats a dub.

not only that,
after i jack off from that 150 vid…

I’d start thinking clearly and wondering why I even paid that kind of money for a VIDEO.

now if he was coming over for 150,
and will do anything i want,
we might have a conversation.
other than that,
i’m good.
i think it’s time we talk about who and what we invest our money in.

i hope that helped reader.
take that money and book a trip somewhere.
you might get your money’s worth in mexico or something.

*if any foxholer needs advice on anything,
hit my dms or send an email: here

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

12 thoughts on “foxmail: i paid for 150 for exclusive content from onlyfans and he didn’t send me the video! help!”

  1. “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me.” what is wrong with people $150 if I convert that into our South African currency that like R2 239.5 my God and we in the middle of the pandemic people have lost jobs and are hungry but he is willing to be scammed on onlyfans he needs to rethink his priorities

  2. Im sorry but if you pay for someone’s onlyfans and see his videos are only 15 seconds each, and you continue to throw them money…….you might want to see a specialist

    1. RIGHT, even considering paying $150 for a ass spreading video makes no sense to me. These subscribers need to start getting dragged also for their stupidity and OD request.

  3. Mmmmppph sad, I have my lil $1,500 that I’m bout to take and buy me a iPhone 12 Pro Max tomorrow, I wish I would spend a CENT of it on a nigga…couldn’t be me, my point is spend on YOURSELVES guys, even if u have disposable income….you’d be better off giving it to St. Judges or Feed the Children…

  4. Sing the theme song from Sailor moon? Lmao I can’t with you Jamari! I was all set to go in about $150 then I see this shit and start cracking up. But you 110% on. Gotta start thinking about where you invest your money. I mean you grown so you can spend it wherever you like but you gotta look at the context clues that’ll give you some indication of what you’re gonna get out of it.

      1. $150? That is a hefty price and I personally don’t think whatever the content is was worth that kind of money. I am hoping this was not a straight man either because they mainly are the ones that pull this. I believe the reader has lost their money, and whatever the content is will be subpar if they do get it.

  5. LMAO. I wouldn’t even have admitted this. Some of y’all do the most, paying 150 for a video and then you really expect folks to take that seriously when you are scammed? By a STRAIGHT man at that. Sir there are bigger issues to talk about.

    When are gay men going to learn that heterosexual sex workers see you as nothing but HORNY perverts who will do anything to have their attention. Are you surprised that you paid 150 dollars for a straight man who has been doing the bare minimum? Shit I don’t blame them, horny homos throw their money at everything that makes their dicks jump. Especially an “IG crush/fantasy” nonsense.

    Sorry this happened to you but you need to look at your own life choices before looking for insight from others who would laugh at this decision that you made.

  6. I say to expose the hoe. Screenshot the chat and send it to a bunch of porn twitters that like that user so that everybody knows they’re a scammer. Then post his nudes/videos on LPSG. If he has a TikTok, Snapchat or Instagram, report any content that is in any way sexually explicit. When the person makes a new account, do it again. If the person has an email address, report it to one of those spam websites to see if they can trick him.

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