the glowsticks light is limited time only (so enjoy it while it lasts?)

*vent entry

you ever met someone that you really enjoyed?
their personality was so infectious that it instantly drew you in.
it’s like they glowed when they walked into the room for the first time.
you just KNEW they were gonna be in your life,
and for a short time,
they actually were.
outta nowhere tho…

The other shoe dropped.

it dropped right on your damn head.

in this big forest we reside in,
we always meet these types i call the “the glowsticks“.
i call them the glow sticks because they draw you in with their light.
they draw everyone in.
they are usually around for the good times because they know how to have a good time.
you don’t notice when their light starts to dim.
it’s only a temporary situation,
but you want it to last forever because you are swept up at the moment.
when you are having fun,
you never notice when the party is ending until the lights turn on.

“You never notice when the party is ending until the lights turn on”.
Stew on that sentence for a moment.
It’s deep.

once your connection with the glow sticks breaks tho,
you are often left in the dark even if you start to see the light.

people don’t appreciate good people.
they never do.
they only appreciate those who abuse them.
it’s a language they understand because they’ve been broken one too many times.
this is why when they ghost you,
they have no feelings.

Hurt you before I get hurt!
Ghost them because I don’t want them to get close!
Destroy their spirit because mine has been destroyed!

you can give someone the whole forest and they’ll still hurt you to the core.

you gotta be careful with “the glowsticks” types.
the good times with them were truly just good times.
but the party is over and it’s time to move on.
once you see the light,
you’ll see how broken they are and their light is manufactured.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

5 thoughts on “the glowsticks light is limited time only (so enjoy it while it lasts?)”

  1. We call those clout monsters they want to cozy up with someone for an image or a look. Some of them really are good people but the desire for the limelight is what motivates them and they return to what they’re comfortable with. U can’t force a horse to drink.

    Have u ever noticed after a guy stops initiating convo or ghosts he will often still watch ur stories ? That’s confirmation enough that he’s still interested but it’s up to YOU to keep him at a distance and never give him your attention anymore afterwards. They thrive off the ability to be able to enter and exit your life at their choice.

  2. He strung me along all summer, all fall and by Thanksgiving I was sure. Aht aht aht! Dipped on me right before Xmas. The funny thing is the last thing he said to me was he couldn’t wait to make plans to take me to see the world after quarantine. No, I’m not deleting the texts. I need to be reminded of how good actors these men are. They are here to distract you from your soulmate.

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