Dwyane Wade Is Such A Fashionisto Baller Wolf

tumblr_nnukdhN8aa1rvk4rxo1_540…and gabby looks nice too.
this is what dwyane wade wore to the 2015 met gala tonight.
he looks like a chinese emperor.
not mad at the look.
love the loafers.
i need a pair,
5 hours ago.

lowkey: he is starting to get it.
it looks like he hired someone.
welcome aboard dwyane!

Author: jamari fox

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10 thoughts on “Dwyane Wade Is Such A Fashionisto Baller Wolf”

  1. I used to find him attractive, but not so much anymore. Just one of those attractive guys that I’m not attracted to. Don’t know what happened. Maybe its because he’s sloppy with his life #turnoff lol. Idk.
    and I don’t really like what he was wearing either tbh. Not sure I get it.

  2. Ehhhh I cant get past the black and blue lips…dont know if its ashyness or…..

  3. They both dress basic. Him basically bad, and her basically bored. Still love you Gabby.

  4. I loved Dwayne’s look and he’s also so well groomed. Michael B Jordan did it for me also, everyone else could’ve stayed home

  5. I’ve never seen it for dwayne wade in terms of fashion. It’s like he wants to go there but he can’t get there. He should stick to sports.

    1. ^yikes!
      okay so a bad review from d.
      anyone else?

      lowkey: i wish gabby would have taken a risk tonight.
      she looks extremely safe.

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