Rihanna Destroys The 2015 Met Gala

Screen Shot 2015-05-04 at 9.48.10 PMthe theme was “china: through the looking glass”.
i think rihanna achieved what they were looking for.
she came dressed in that dress by guo pei and well…

she looking like a mix of belle and hsien ko from “dark stalkers”:

either way,
she ate it and got best dressed.
as soon as rih shows up,
everyone starts looking like they made no effort.
my vixen did that!

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Author: jamari fox

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23 thoughts on “Rihanna Destroys The 2015 Met Gala”

  1. Sometimes I really feel sorry for Rihanna and Kim. They put all that effort into their looks and Beyonce shows up to the red carpet LAST (which im sure was intentional) with a ponytail and a slip with some rhinestones and shuts it down lol

    It’s like she’s the closest thing we have to a black America’s Sweetheart lol

    Her look was sexy though. Like ratchet, fantasy girl lol

  2. It’s alleged that BeyoncĂ©’s dress was leaked, maybe that was a backup. Her dress kept with the theme “..through the looking glass.”, just more so in a literal sense, . Is it me or does the back of Rihanna’s gown remind you of an egg omelet? Lol. It was dramatic though.

  3. the hair matches the theme also, so she gets a pass. also i think i got the name of the netflix presented miniseries right

  4. i haven’t seen the other outfits, but rihanna, in my opinion matches t e theme. chines emperors and empreeses wore gold, their primary color. embroidered also. watch empresses of the palace on netflix. off the chain. fashion, scheming, gaining position, love, fashion. also, she looks like a chinese actress at an awards show. well done!

  5. Lol. Let’s not get carried away with the Rihanna praise. She DID go to the Grammy’s looking like a giant pink loofah…..Her hair is trash…however, I will give her best dressed bc she stayed on theme.

    We don’t have to keep comparing her to Bey. They both appeal to the same audiences….fashion wise, and Beyonce looked DAMN GOOD.

  6. Yeah Rihanna looked good.

    Glad that I am not the only one who thought beyonce’s dress didn’t match the theme.

    1. ^b came as a mermaid.

      the difference between rihanna and beyonce tonight is simple.
      Beyonce: gay icon.
      The gays will eat that up.
      Rihanna: fashion icon.
      The fashion world will eat that up.
      they both won with their respective audiences.

      1. Lordt! Not you too, Jamari. lol

        Don’t tell me you’re one of those foxes that goes off if someone compliments one of your fave’s “peers.”

        Them: “Naomi looked nice at the Gala.” Fox: “F*ck Naomi. Tyra chewed her edges.”
        Them: “I really like Monica’s new song.” Fox: “Her ratchet catalog can’t touch Brandy’s.”
        Them: “I heard Beyonce has a new CD coming out.” Fox: I wish she’d sit down somewhere, it’s all about R8. Slaaaayyy, Bitch!!”

        I made the mistake of watching RHOA at a friend’s house one day. NEVER. AGAIN. I’ve never heard some many grown people arguing over Team Pretty, Team Petting Zoo, Queen NeNe, Porsha The Thot…They’re just mad because her body is sickening.

        Although, this is not new. I remember two white girls fighting in the cafeteria during middle school over who had better hair: Brittney vs. Christina.

        Sorry for the rant. I just had to get that off my chest.

        1. ^not at all.
          definitely not who I am.
          if Rihanna looked bad,
          id say it.
          i am an equal opportunity asshole lol
          beyonce looked safe.
          she did her usual.
          she threw some rhinestones on a dress,
          put her hair in a pony tail,
          and walked out the door.
          i love b,
          but nothing about what she wore made me “OMG!”.
          looked like something she would wear on stage to perform in.
          hell solange killed in her outfit.

          im impressed with Rihanna because she studied the theme and wore a dress from an actual Chinese designer.
          when she was speaking about the dress to andre leon talley,
          she gave background on the dress as well.

      2. Jamari, just joking with you…kind of. I really love your sight and do not want the rachets to invade. You’re my little bro. 🙂

        There is a certain blogger that I will not name that would love to quote one of your posts to try to identify you. Hopefully, you’re disguising your personal posts to throw them completely off the trail.

        P.S. I’m surprised SJP’s headpiece isn’t getting more press. It was amazing.

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