Travis Cure Strips Down To His Undies

Travistravis cure has a tidy bush.
just something i noticed.
well the f-bi wanted me to make sure i posted these new shots tonight.
here are the other shots

i couldn’t contain myself.
he doesn’t look like he is packin.
ask me if i care?
go ahead and ask me?
these look old,
as his body has much improved:

Screen Shot 2015-05-04 at 7.18.37 PMi could be wrong tho.

lowkey: look at this:

29kx21kall 3.
no regrets.

*pictures credited to owners

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

18 thoughts on “Travis Cure Strips Down To His Undies

  1. *grabs chest* Oh no….this is the big one!!! Too many fine men in one video clip.

    LMAO@the last gif. By the time you get done blowin all them your jaws will be chiseled.

  2. Lol at the last gif with the girl! Jamari you are crazy! Lol Travis looks good in those shots.

  3. I wouldn’t have a problem with his package! Looks just right to me! Yum! Muy guapo y muy caliente!
    and is that the JJ guy in the middle in the video? Wow, sorry Travis but he upstages you, damn! They can get it!
    That Gif though! O.O LOL!

  4. Whoever gets to lay besides him every night is one lucky person. Dude is perfection, stunning, and so many more adjectives I could say. Black is indeed beautiful. He is the cure to all my pains and ills. Out of so many beautiful Black Men who have been covered in the Foxhole he is one of a scant few that stands out above the rest. Most definitely a Hall of Fame contender.

  5. ou trying to raise my blood sugar with all these variations of chocolate in one video you know im a type one diabeticals (in my madea voice) lol…anyways Travis is my type…i have a thing for dark chocolate…i LOVE black men in general but dark skin black men just do something to me…i posted a pic of him one time on my FB and my sister was like ‘bro who is that delicious piece of eye candy’ i couldnt do nothing but laugh…me and my sis have the same type it seems lol

    1. ^ I feel the same about dark skinned men! But then again, I like a little bit of everything lol.
      There’s just something about their complexion that’s just so majestic and just sexy! Love it!

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