He’s About To Blow!

tumblr_l38n574o491qc36auo1_500i threw up all day today.

i was fine yesterday,
but as soon as i drank that 5 hour energy drink,
it had me feeling so nauseous.
i had to cook dinner for mi last night and that felt like a journey.
i was jittery and could not concentrate.
the food was good,
according to her,
but i don’t even remember how i cooked it.
well i guess all that passed over into today as well.
i had no appetite and threw up nothing.
tumblr_m3kk9801P81qg39ewo2_500i was in and out of the bathroom.
it was bad.
real bad.
i feel a little better tonight,
but i am tired as hell.
lets talk tomorrow,

foxhole: send me anything good via email.
i’d love to have some good updates for tomorrow.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

11 thoughts on “He’s About To Blow!

  1. I think it because your body is rejecting the drink. Whatever they put in it, the body doesn’t understand it.

  2. Thats scary!
    I didnt know they were that serious! Stay away from those from now on!
    You live and you learn! Now I know not to try any of those things!

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