i feel better after i throw up

When I was dealing with Work Wolf,
the anticipation of what was going to happen next took me under.
The anxiety over which vixen he’d be into next left me spiraling.
I made the mistake of falling deeply in love with him,
hoping he’d finally see me and choose me.
Every time I saw him at work with another vixen,
whether it was talking or he spoke about his interest,
my heart would race and I’d find myself in the bathroom.
I’d be physically sick from stress and I’d “release” by throwing up.
Bad enough,
I was dealing with so much on my plate from work and horrible bosses.
When that finally ended and we went our separate ways,
I weighed 120 lbs from 160.
I am 5’11.

Fast forward to my last job.
I was under so much stress by the consistent work load they’d pile on me.
Front desk,
office manager,
mail clerk,
greeting celebrities,
and being a personal assistant to everyone in the office.
Every day,
I would be picked apart and nit picked by all 3 of my bosses.
Nothing I ever did was right.
Despite being well-liked by many,
including the celebs that walked in the door,
my bosses’ jealousy and envy made my days a living nightmare.
The daily pressure had me running to the bathroom to throw up after every meal.
At my going away party,
the photos showed a gaunt,
almost unrecognizable face.
I wear a 32 in pants but had to tighten my belt to the last hole.

this morning,
it happened again…

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He’s About To Blow!

tumblr_l38n574o491qc36auo1_500i threw up all day today.

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It Tried To Keep It In, But It Came Out Way Too Fast

tumblr_m4aezkfi1G1rpgz2ui just threw up in front of everyone and everything.
blew chunks of last night all over the place.
i had a feeling i was going to be sick tho.
you ever been sleep but you felt like you wanted to throw up?
my stomach was hurting BAD and i tossed and turned.
so i had an appointment at the unemployment office this morning….
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Pharrell Shows Jay Z “Two Girls; One Big Yeah Right”

Screen Shot 2013-08-24 at 12.52.19 PMpharrell got jay z grossed the fuck out off “two girls; one cup”?
well this showed up on my twitter feed today.
you know i had to watch that asap.
after some sniffing around,
i found the video clip!
ready for it?…

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Take This Video Game and Call Me In The Morning

a friend of mine gave me this video game recently:

PS2CoverSheet108it is the most intense game i ever played.
it literally brings you in and makes you it’s bitch.
from solving puzzles,
fighting bad guys,
and killing you wolves…
it is a non stop action ride.
aside from my heart racing while playing,
it was also doing something to me i never experienced before…

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