Pharrell Shows Jay Z “Two Girls; One Big Yeah Right”

Screen Shot 2013-08-24 at 12.52.19 PMpharrell got jay z grossed the fuck out off “two girls; one cup”?
well this showed up on my twitter feed today.
you know i had to watch that asap.
after some sniffing around,
i found the video clip!
ready for it?…

tumblr_mcn1fvjwy81rxg31mclose but no cigar liars.
i did wonder if jay z watched “two girls; one cup” before?

lowkey: i remember when my home boy at the time tricked me into watching that shit.
i went and threw up.
i didn’t make it past a minute and a half.

Author: jamari fox

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4 thoughts on “Pharrell Shows Jay Z “Two Girls; One Big Yeah Right”

  1. I didn’t make it pass 10 seconds.As soon as I saw her pooping in a cup, I stopped it like “Hell fucking no.”

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