How To Low Key Hump On The Football Field And Get Caught

Screen Shot 2013-08-24 at 2.05.26 PMbrad jones,
baller wolf for the green bay packers,
got a little too excited after an interception.
he decided to hump one of his teammates.
someone on wshh caught all the footage…


IMG_0781i’m sure i got a good packers joke in me somewhere.
listen i don’t blame him.
sometimes when i’m excited,
i hump random things.
just today,
fruity pebbles marshmallows was on sale for 2.50 from being 4.99.
i nearly humped this old lady next to me.
well on the positive side as i like to look at most things,
brad jones got some free publicity because of this.
lord knows i didnt know who he was.
brad kinda cute tho.
his body looks pretty toned:

Screen Shot 2013-08-24 at 1.52.11 PMi’d let him dry hump on me too.

20 thoughts on “How To Low Key Hump On The Football Field And Get Caught

  1. These guys are freaks and will do anything to get fucked. I have experienced years ago going on a website and going into certain chat rooms and found myself chatting with a NFL player. They do their shit on the downlow, because of the stigma that the public holds against gay people.

  2. I was talking to one of my friends the other day and we both are big football fans and like football players. Well he told me a story of when he was in college that blew my mind about how he had two football players mad at each other. He said he was in a very closeted down low relationship with one of the players for about a year until, a new freshmen quarterback came onto the scene the next year who was drop dead gorgeous and had every female on campus wanting to “F” him, and he ended up having the dude. He said his main DL dude found out and went crazy, and still has not forgiven him almost 15yrs later, and this dude is now married living a str8 life, but brings up how hurt he was. He went on to tell me that football players are the easiest boys to have. He said that many of the boys on the team figured out what was going on with him and his DL dude, but since the DL dude messed with girls as well, they kept it quiet, he said the football players are like a secret fraternity and they all do crazy freaky shit, but keep it among themselves. I was like damn, why was I so naive and dumb in college, I had no idea that there was even such a thing as a gay football player, but years later, I find out that several boys who played sports were messing around. I think its all the extra testosterone, and being naturally young and horny. I would give anything to relive my college years with all the knowledge I know now about boys, I see I missed out on some real good times. 🙂

  3. wat is even messier is that a room full of “straight” men would tivo and reply it………am i the only one noticing that.

    1. Kinky, glad you put straight in quotation marks. Most of the guys with whom I have dealt look like the guys in that room — in other words, are unclockable. I am amazed at the number of gay guys who ask me if I am straight, and I am gay.

      People keep presuming that out gay guys have to be clocakable or messy…not the case at all. I’ll let you in on a secret: I’ve had more athletes than ballet dancers. Another shocker: contrary to popular belief, more athletes give up the buns than ballet dancers. Many would be shocked at the number of straight ballet dancers. Of course, quite a few are gay.

      1. what’s your strategy? does your profession (whatever it may be) help put u in the right places?

        1. Yep, so they know their personal business is safe with me; I can’t divulge anything for professional reasons; it’s privileged information.

          In addition, it’s experience that comes with time and having developed and honed observation skills. And, on a personal level, many of these people are peers, and people tend to socialize with those on their level.

          And, I’m just a down to earth person with
          a comfort level of dealing with all kinds of people from the famous to the down and out. People can tell when one is genuine. Frankly, I’m more comfortable in certain instances dealing with people who don’t know who I am, particularly if we’re talking about sexual situations. And, no I don’t give fake names. I let my vibes lead me. I, fortunately, have enjoyed a good detector for messy people. I avoid them like the plague.

          Even though I’m comfortable in my skin and prefer dealing with others who are, too, I will sex a dl brother in a heartbeat and even do some things together outside the bedroom. It’s just that his comfort level would prevent him from being my partner.

          Just practice observing people. You’ll get better at it. We are everywhere! Do not limit yourself to focusing on stereotypical behavior. Trust me on that.

  4. My nigga!!! LOL. Get it any way you can. He got to be down, no justifying what he did. Even I would have been mad if he did that to me. My backside if off limits.

  5. He can hump me anytime.Some straight guys just don’t know how lucky they are, even though they seem to think we’re lucky because of stereotypes from movies that make them think women are okay with getting naked in front of us and letting us molest their tits because we’re gay.

  6. LOL…I thought I was the only one the caught that. Football players are known to get down tho….lets just say my college years let me in on that secret lol!

      1. LOL…I’ll just say I messed around with a few of them, and I also know a few of them messed around with each other. That’s about as far as I can go lol!

    1. noticed that in college with the basketball players. my question is, once they hit the pros, how do they hook up with guys? is there a secret club? i heard agents scout for them.

      i know it’s more common than what most ppl think. what’s baffling is how they are able to keep it underwraps?

      1. It is very common in the pros, trust me. I don’t know much about the agents scouting for them, but I have heard about that as well. I know they sometime get close with people from the local area, and use their connections to meet people. They are able to keep it under cover because discretion is a must, they usually go for the guys who are not too clockable and look like they are just one of the gang. Just pay attention to who they surround themselves with…birds of a feather flock together, and there are plenty of birds flocking lol!

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