#KanyeSoundsLike He At An Interview At The Gap

Screen Shot 2013-08-24 at 3.28.18 PMhe ain’t this kanye west no more.
he is this kanye west now.
the full interview from “the kris jenner show” below…

they done infected my boy.
you know the pussy/booty got you when ya change ya entire vocal chords.
tumblr_mld8bf3jnK1re5im9o1_500i feel the real kanye will re-emerge once again.
just once that kardashian hypnosis wears off.

lowkey: lamar is being kicked out the compound tho:

x lamar a drug addict says kardashians
x lamar cheated on khloe because of his insane drug use says kardashians

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9 thoughts on “#KanyeSoundsLike He At An Interview At The Gap”

  1. I’m upset because he sounds white. I’m not saying that because he sounds proper. The base in his voice is gone and he is acting different. That damn Kris, I know she is behind it. Something else thrown me off too. It’s awkward is to interview your own daughter’s boyfriend. What talk show host does that?

    Where is Run? I know he loves him and can’t be too happy about this new Kanye lol.

  2. Ye sounds like he been getting a good poking lately. I won’t lie, once I started getting good (not okay or alright) dick, my mannerisms changed too.

    1. After while he’ll be sounding like Michael Jackson did. Sounds like he has been getting some good dick on the side too.

  3. What the hell do the Kardashian’s be doing to people. He definitely sounded like he was under a spell and/or heavily brainwashed. That interview was very bad for his image. When the cards start to tumble on that family its gonna be a sight to see. Now they are in the process of whoring out the younger sisters (kanye shrug)!

  4. You know if we could get to the time of not talking about them like they are somebody that have accomplished something other than a shitty ass sex tape they’d be gone by now. It blows my mind to see something so simple and unimaginative could blow up into a 100+ million spawning a craze of aint shyt people making reality tv. I LONG FOR THE DAY when talent was a factor and not personality!

  5. I am here @Man lmao. Ummmm, I am speechless. I don’t know what to say. It’s not even the base thing. Its the simple fact that there WAS NOT ONE TRACE OF SOUL in his voice. He is such a gifted soulful person, He had no soul, rawness or realness in his voice. And as you know he and I are both only children so I can see how him being in this big family can be so mesmerizing to him being that he lost his mom, but I feel like he is allowing them to completely brain wash him.

    And honestly speaking, I don’t think the real Kanye will re appear until he is in his 40’s. Kris and Kim will milk him for all he’s worth until then.

    S/N : Baby North is simply stunning. Blue Ivy mad tho lmaooo.

  6. He sounds like a stereotypical artist. I think that was the real Kanye West. The rapping for him has been a facade.

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