I’m Just Here For The Wolf I Have A Crush On And His Nakedness.

you find out the straight wolf you had a crush on actually gets down.
you know the one with the body and tatts.
the one you done jacked off too imagining him inside you.
the one you have over fucked countless times in your head.
the one people thought was straight,
but something inside told you otherwise.
the one you blogged about a couple times.
you also find out he is a wolf,
but and there is a very BIG one..

…you also find out he has a queen who is paying his bills.

tumblr_inline_ms21bb094y1qz4rgpyou find out all the nice things he gets is because of his pipe game.
all the queen demands he keeps his body up and fucks him stupid.
i’m not even mad.
i guess this means he is a “wolf for sale”?
that type that in order for anyone to get him,
you have to pay for his lifestyle as well?
or does it mean that with his premium body,
it opened the doors for a premium love interest?

tumblr_mruzn3k49R1qi857wo1_500look can we have a one-nighter and call it even?
i precum anytime i see his pictures.
when you find out someone you thought was straight,
gets down with the get down,
it can be like finding out the winning lottery numbers.
i’m trying to make it my mission to ride that pipe once or twice.
my thing is what has to be done to even get his attention?
you can’t randomly show up where he is because that is stalking,
commenting and liking his pictures makes you look dehydrated,
and you know god takes his merry time handing out blessings.
now it actually became more frustrating.
the celebrity.
the baller wolf.
dude online.
dude in your class.
dude at work.
so now that you hear he gets down

How the hell do you get him?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

18 thoughts on “I’m Just Here For The Wolf I Have A Crush On And His Nakedness.”

  1. Trick him! This is where you count in your natural cunning dramatics as a gay man to use what you have to get what you want…. You’ve already mentally stalked him, and created a relationship in your head between the two of you, so you use the information that you have, and lure him in.. Those types are like a moth to a flame

  2. It’s time to use what you got to get what you want. Flirt with him, and try not too come off too strong. Tease him little by little until you finally get him to respond to your hints. If he truly wants you he’ll catch on. It doesn’t hurt to wear certain attire either that you look sexy in when you come around him.

  3. I think you play it cool. Most of those types value friendship or a cool running partner. Just hit him on some, “you been to (random straight club)?” When he says no, you say “oh man we gotta hit that joint up”. Dress nice, smell great, keep poppin the mints, and have a good time. He’ll be hooked and want to swap spit in no time…

    1. LOL. If pulling dudes was only that easy. It doesn’t work like that. How does dude know he can trust you? If he don’t know you like that, he is not going to give in that easy, and he might be worried about you telling others about him.

  4. well from what ive observed online with this wolf,
    he is definitely a low key private dude.
    i dont know anyone in his circles.
    he definitely isn’t “out there” and is playing this off really well.

    grrrrrrr to this challenge i’m up for lol

  5. this is the type of situation where you have to meet him on accident. he’s messing with someone already plus from the sounds of it, he isn’t out there. he’ll probably cross your path when you go out somewhere or he may stumble across this blog. someone sent this blog to me and I love it isn’t like the other ones. he may be reading even be reading so be patient.

  6. I can tell you right now, from someone who knows this all too well, HE will get at you. No need in doing no extra shot because you will come off like a queen. Relax, dress nice every time you go out, and go with the flow. All this extra shit will have you embarrassed in these streets!

    1. ^sadly this is probably how it will happen and ill handle the rest.
      when the wolf is in my presence,
      i can seduce his ass.
      usually dudes hit me up anyway.
      im just excited because this is a wolf i beeeeeeen want!
      the fact he gets down got my head spinnin!

      he is dl as well so i forgot to mention that.

  7. You have to be yourself. Don’t pester or pursue him. If you do, he may be hesitant and avoid you altogether since he is dl. if he is interested, he will pursue you. Just make sure that you are noticeable.

    SN: This just happened to me this weekend. BTW, how did you find out that he gets down?

    1. That’s what im curious to know too? lol

      Did you hear by word of mouth?
      IG Likes?
      Facebook comments?
      Who he follows on Social Media sites?
      Caught him in the act?
      A Video?

      Those listed above are all ways to find out… just so you know. lmao!

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