they set up camp to be homophobic about odell beckham jr (met gala)

that was my word of the day today.

camp (n): something so outrageously artificial, affected, inappropriate, or out-of-date as to be considered amusing

a style or mode of personal or creative expression that is absurdly exaggerated and often fuses elements of high and popular culture

that was the theme of the “met gala” last night.
as a fox,
who lives a good theme,
that always means you dress in your most outrageous.
nfl baller wolf,
odell beckham jr,
came in “his” most outrageous…

he wore a kilt from “thom browne“.
he was actually agaisnt the kilt and was gonna wear pants:

how boring.
i woudl have been like “nah homie” to any “dress like” situations.
i’ve matured since then.
“the met gala” is one big ass costume party.
you don’t go there dressed like you’re going to the “oscars“.
it’s all about the theme of the night.
odell stuck with theme and of course,
it brought about so much homophobia.
if he was white,
i’m sure no one would have anything to say.
i applaud odell for taking a risk.
i’ll allow it.

lowkey: can we font about ezra miller’s look?


can we font about the eyes????????
this outfit won best dressed for me.

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Author: jamari fox

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22 thoughts on “they set up camp to be homophobic about odell beckham jr (met gala)”

  1. Its a goddamn shame that so many str8 black males are so ignorant. So confined by narrow definitions of masculinity that anything outside of their realm of understanding is default gay. These are the same men who spend RACKS ON RACKS on clothes and shoes made by white gay men. The irony and hypocrisy is completely lost on them. I applaud Odell for always being unbothered, because being a black man who is a nonconformist, while his own race spends years on a gay witch-hunt. The irony is while male celebs came to the met ball in full makeup, lace jumpsuits, and all kinds of gender bending looks and no one batted an eye. White men get to do what they want, they get to have fun and experiment with fashion while black men can barely crack a smile without black folks destroying their comment section with gay slurs. We’re so lost.

    1. ^black males are looked at as warriors.
      we are supposed to be alphas.
      no one bats an eye to white males because they are allegedly “superior”.

  2. Well I for one think Bae looks dashing! Lil fine ass! Even if I didnt like what he had on, I would over look it cause I have the biggest crush on him, lol. Shiiit, that asian dude tayloring him can get it too! But all jokes aside, no one should be surprised at Odell at this point, he does what he wants, and doesnt listen to what others say. Something that we as a human race can learn from. I read the interview they did with him while he was getting fitted, and when he asked them “Can I just try it on?” I thought that was so cute, lol. But I agree with Caz, let a white man have done this, no one would have said anything, but just because Odell is black…all hell breaks loose! Its ridiculous, and the same ones judging this man are the same ones purchasing designer clothes, accessories, and shoes manufactured by gay men, but they dont comment on that, do they? They know who makes that shit, but “out of sight, out of mind” right? Oh well, I think Odell looks good…a great way to stand out imo.

  3. It was a cute look however I’m more disappointed that with a amazing designer such as Thom Browne who has had such an array of go to looks when it comes to ‘Camp’ ,this is what he ended up wearing…

    1. Who is the cutie measuring Odell’s inseam? He could get it. Lowkey Odell physically knocked me over at my job when he was getting on an elevator and I was getting off. He has quick reflexes cause he caught me before I fell over. (Swoon). It took my brain a second and a half to realize it was him cause of his hair at the time.

      1. @Williedynamite I said the same thing about the dude doing Odells inseam, lol. But boooiiiii, if Odell EVER IN HIS FREAKIN LIFE caught me from fallin…I probably would have a panic attack and end up in thr hospital just so he could feel bad and come visit me, lmaooooo

  4. Of all the younger black men, I always applaud him for dressing outside the box. Nobody had his hairstyle now everywhere you look some young black guy is rocking. Remember they roasted him when he first got it and called gay. Be a trendsetter. Some many of these ballers and rappers have gay stylists it ridiculous but nobody talks about it. Skinny jeans…who first rocked them punk rockers, goth, and gay men now almost every black and latino man with a physique and those without rock them. Not hardly anyone sags anymore. It’s acceptable nobody talks about where it originated. Didn’t Kanye, Tom Ford and others rock kilts? He wore it well, nothing looked feminine or gay about it. I bet when he comes out with a fashion line…black and latino men will buy it just like they did Kanye.

  5. Some trends are a mess tho. Not referring to Odell in that sense. I think the kilt looks ridiculous on himh im,e if it is worn by men. I def liked him with the pants. I’m progress…but meh. Why are we even worries about what those are& men think? They are slaves to vagina & will let a woman run all over them but be the first person to call someone a punk.

    And I say this all the time, if the consider a man in women clothing or mannerisms to be gay & feminine, how do they view actual women?

    Homophobic str8 men arent right in the head. Let them heathens be

  6. Y’all really want OBJ to look like Ezra Miller? I just don’t get this move from the latest wing of the ‘QIA+’ of the LGBT…… movement. And of course we as black men never identify as SGL. So many who have posted on sites like this talk about the double standard between white and black men. Well, yea! They can do a lot that’s a struggle for us and the notion that if we can just all dress in pleated skirts we’ll be ‘free’ is a hallucination, a decadent veil masking our real condition as a people (oh, and call them ‘kilts’ as if it is a Tartan and he has a ‘clan’ that he’s a part of which is what Scottish kilts signify). It all appears as a way to ‘fit in’ ultimately. It’s a pleated skirt for Chrissake’s… as if it’s 1953 and we’re all going to get a milkshake at the local diner or some shit. We can be so much more creative in our fashion than this… so much better than to fundamentally dissociate ourselves as SGL or gay/queer black men from our straight brothas in affirming our basic masculinity.

  7. @Sixtree

    ***Meanwhile these so called straight stay guys stay getting fucked with dildos by their wives and girlfriends/side pieces.***


    This irks me the most. What straight man desires for a woman to act like she has a dick to fuk him up the ass.

    Them: that don’t make him or me bi/gay cause it’s with a woman. It just feels good and straight men like anal simulation too.

    Me: So like, well then would you let a man suck your dick? That feels good to. Straight men like head. A mouth is a mouth, right?

    Them: I ain’t with that gay shit. I’m not attracted to men.

    Me: Obviously you must not be attracted to women fully either cause you pretending she got a dick, and last time I checked, she can’t grow one overnight….

    Then you have the audacity to question another man’s sexuality for wearing a kilt and you got a whole entire replica of a DICK in your ass…

    They can miss me with trying to shame camp Odell 100%

    The world we live in today…..🤷‍♂️😒

  8. Odell could fart and you all would be blown away. The theme was camp. What is campy about a baseball hat, sleeves ripped off and a kilt? So much for him being “free spirited” to be bothered about a kilt.

    Is he Irish? Why didn’t ge get with a Black designer who would have had him looking dope? He looks stupid. Ezra is campaigning to be the Phantom of the Opera, I suppose.

    There were many more interesting looks, but alright.

  9. Everytime I dress risque, the first compliments I get are from straight Black men, because they have never seen a Black man do it. These cowards online are not representative of actual Black men. You let DL queens with limp wrists pretending to be trade online, dictate your lives. Real straight men are impressed when you go outside of the box. Granted I hate getting asked how to imitate my looks, but it sounds like many of you….don’t go out or when you do, are glued to your phones. When you are a spectacle, people cannot help but stare and applaud.

    The only ones truly bothered in person are the religious Black folks. But Church first ladies are wearing drag queen makeup and the pastors are trying to keep up with the fashion trendsetters like Russel Westbrook. Who…are styled by gay men.

  10. Whoa, Crazy! I literally had a long and robust discussion (recently) with my students’ about male masculinity in the Black community. Remember Black men: we are descendants of African kings and leaders who wore traditional garb without leggings.

  11. Personally I liked Odell Beckham Jr.’s look. A Black man rocking a kilt shouldn’t be daring in 2019, especially since Kanye, Diddy, Michael Strahan etc. did it years ago and Yung Thug, Lil Uzi Vert etc have worn SKIRTS & DRESSES (did everyone forget that?) but it still gets the homophobes wrecked. That says more about them, though, and their emotional and sexual fragility and unease than about Odell. In terms of all out camp, no one beat Ms. Billy Porter, who won the event hands down (or wings up). He channeled Diana Ross and arrived on a sedan chair.

    As to the designer Odell chose, Thom Browne is a white gay man who has always and continues to use Black models in his shows and who regularly dresses straight black men (LeBron James is a notable example). A number of the stars on Monday wore Black designers, including Dapper Dan, whose career has been resurrected, but I don’t see an issue with featuring a gay designer who has been inclusive in terms of his models and whom he dresses. The same is true for Christian Siriano.

    Lastly, I’m surprised no one mentioned the stunning display of back, thighs & calves put on by Saquon Barkley, who wore a tuxedo top with skin-tight black shorts, black socks, and dress shoes, and nearly melted my screen. That booty was poppin! Talk about a specimen of life. Plus I think he & Odell came together. 😉

  12. I thought Odell’s look was boring as hell. I see kilts all the time. He could have gotten a better “cough, cough” black designer.

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