let’s go behind the scenes of this situation real quick

*the entry has light spoilers

i always was fascinated with the “behind the scenes” of tv shows and movies.
when we watch,
we are often taken to a whole other world.
on set tho,
it’s a bunch of tents,
and a few hundred stagehands.
i was an extra in a movie and reality show once…

rachel zoe’s short-lived reality show and the “notorious” movie about b.i.g.
the reality show was by accident due to my home vixen.
i learned that reality tv,
for the most part,
is pretty fake.
for the movie,
it was a concert scene that was filmed at the hammerstein ballroom on 34th.
i got the gig from another friend and called out of work just so i could attend.
i was vex because the day before,
i heard diddy had shown up on set.
naturi had filmed her scenes as “lil’ kim” that day too.
one thing i learned being behind the scenes for the movie tho:


sometimes going into the wee hours of the morning.
the director sometimes wants a ton of shots in different angles.
we had to shoot this particular scene for pretty much the whole day.
it started at like 9 am and they didn’t wrap until 8 or 9 pm.
every scene,
we had to keep on giving the same energy.
by the end of it,
i was so over that song and everyone around me was tired af.
i do remember this fine ass wolf with this nice bawdy sitting 2 rows ahead of me.
i stuck around for his ass.
after they told the extras we could go home,
i stayed to network and watched them shoot additional scenes.
i was so interested in everything about it.
i love the putting together of a tv show or movie.
i really love everything about the entertainment industry.

i saw a video from the bts of my current tv obsession,
game of thrones“.
it had grey worm (jacob anderson) and “ms. sunday” (nathalie emmanuel) in it:

i wonder if this was for her death scene this past weekend?
either way,
you can learn a lot about your favs on set.
that’s where you can see who they truly are when in character and off.

low-key: sex scenes look so good in movies and tv,
but imagine filming them in front of likee 50 people?
i would be so horny especially after something like this…

i don’t know how they even do this.

videos cc: instagram | insecure | hbo

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