the entry that went left (so i’ll make it right)

so i wrote an entry,
about two gentleman,
and it was like setting off a time bomb.
who knew?
it wasn’t a spiteful entry.
in fact,
i was very supportive of whatever was going on.
after emails from various henchmen,
and crazy long comments

I decided to take the posts down.

not because of fear,
but because it’s way too much drama over a alleged public gay relationship.
in all my years of blogging,
i’ve seen straight male attentionistos get in a huff:

“Why am I on this blog?”

…never gays tho.
i think “alleged” gays?
i don’t know even know anymore.
i try to font about many things/topics that could lead to a good discussion,
but clearly,
the “two whose names shall not be mentioned” were off limits.
now we know.
i don’t always agree with all the comments being posted,
but this is to be expected within the foxhole.
some folks have a certain way that they live/do things,
and though it’s confusing af to us,
we must try to respect it.
i’m a little disappointed in how things turned out,
but it is what it is.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

21 thoughts on “the entry that went left (so i’ll make it right)”

  1. Fuck em. That ho mad his sugar daddy got so much attention. Bitch, dont NOBODY want that old wrinkled bum money or no money. Prolly be fucking with a bag on his head.

    1. I don’t know why I thought the same thing as soon as I read this article. No one want his old ass but him. The unseason chicken breast mayo season was safe from the foxhole and if he is reading I have no problem telling in email as well.

  2. You can access the prostate easier if you curve to the left. Why do you think Ne-Yo said “to the left, to the left” when he wrote Irreplaceable? The trade had him sprungeth.

  3. Gotta be able to take the good with the bad! It’s called freedom of speech!

  4. The entire thing was kinda funny to me lol. Y’all were outta pocket wi dem comments though.

  5. Chile, I went on my merry way to work and whatnot and come back to this blog to find out that the piece about Dominifox and Silverwhitefox got taken down. Some of the comments were a bit harsh, but I’m kind of amazed that either of the two profiled gentlemen or their proxies even responded. I mean, it’s not like YOU went after them the way the Daily Mail, to give one example, regularly drags people and puts all their business in the street. You basically showed one man who found another and was getting his bag. That’s their business and you were respectful.

    (Plus you didn’t even compare him to Sankies, who are the dudes who look for sugar mamas on the beach, or the ones who look for lonely men who…well, you get my drift. There’s even
    a Dominican comedy film called Sanky Panky, but just saying again, you were respectful and didn’t go there.)

    The old folks never told me this but maybe we should tell the youngsters: Be careful about the reading the comments!

    1. ^thank you love.

      i try to stay as neutral as possible,
      depending on the story.
      there is a hidden insecurity there somewhere.

  6. At first I was confused who this was about & then I read the last post and was like…Oh, that Dominican dude with that white guy. I remember mouthing off about him a little. Sometimes I can be a little strict with words. If I’m not mistaken, this isn’t the first time someone was upset & wanted a post down because of the comments. I know me & a few others can get real raw sometimes tho. I don’t read every post listed but in some way I’m sure I myself contributed some logs to that Dominican campfire. So my apologies Jamari. You know my silly ass will say whatever & be waiting on em to respond but for the most part I just kinda peek in and go out. 🤷‍♂️

    Speaking of sugar daddies, do they still make those candies? I remember those when I was younger but haven’t seen them sense.

    1. ^dont apologize jammy.
      i’m not upset with the foxhole or anything.
      in my disclaimer,
      i clearly state that everyone is entitled to their opinions within the foxhole.
      it is what it is.
      that being said i hope they stay together for a very long time.

      the foxhole will be watching.

  7. You would think that someone who is supposedly happy and living the high life in a relationship with his sugar daddy wouldn’t have the time to be worrying about some comments on the internet. That tells me that the Dominican guy is super messy and that the post and the comments clearly struck a nerve with him. It’s like they say, ‘hit dogs will holler.’

    1. ^i will font that i’m grateful for the foxhole going to hard for me.
      blkpegasus definitely showed up and showed out in some of those comments yesterday.

      there is power within this foxhole.
      i love it.

  8. goes to show you got some people really checkin for you. You made it J witchyo relevant ass!

  9. So i get it..I hardly come here but when I do, I just read the posts, the comments, laugh and move on. The comments were kinda harsh on this one and as Jamari said, that might have have been what started this entire thing..because come on everybody likes a little publicity. Some of the comments were uncalled for with a few racial undertones. People like what they like and they’re gonna do what they want. Some of the dynamics of these relationships we will never understand. It is what it is.

  10. Hmm. What was so wrong about the comments yesterday? It wasn’t heated just people giving their opinions. Did someone post something that made things go left? From what I saw, there was some great advice being given as it relates to you as a blogger and knowing all the laws with what you can legally post and what you cannot. I don’t know, I like some things about this site but to be honest, Jamari, you come off like you don’t really want to learn or educate yourself further in many areas. People were giving you good advice yesterday but you kept coming back to the point of “but I didn’t harm anyone or I didn’t say anything too bad”. None of that is the point. Even if something positive is posted, people still have certain privacy rights and certain publicity rights. As a blogger, these are the things you need to be aware of so that you stay out of court. In your new entry above, you couldn’t even apologize for possibly being wrong about publicizing someone who didn’t want to be publicized — you blamed your deletions on the comment section which again, weren’t bad. All bloggers regularly get asked to not publicize certain people — it happens. As the blogger, you get to decide what you wanna do but you should definitely be aware of all the relevant laws to make the best decisions. Nonetheless, I’m hoping that you are able to figure out how to further monetize your website so that your creativity on your blog can sustain your lifestyle. Have you thought about reaching out to bloggers for advice on monetizing? Anyway, have a productive day!

    1. ^i have a had a few bloggers i’ve reached out to give me great advice.
      thank you for your kind words.
      i hope you have a productive day as well!

    2. You must be new? If it’s not common gossip and you tell Jamari you don’t want the post up, he’ll gladly take it down. There’s been full interviews that never made it.

      He also doesn’t have a problem with people telling him off. Check previous comments. The issue is when he feels like the post and/or comments seem negative. The foxhole doesn’t do exposing or bullying gay black men

    3. Good comment…but you lost me at “privacy rights” and “publicizing someone”. You lose both of those when you post images and content on the Internet, whether Instagram, Facebook or anywhere else. You open yourself up to criticism…and much worse.

      That dude took issue with the comments…and took it out on the blogger. If you’re gonna put pics out there of you and your significant other/sugar daddy/etc…you better have thick skin, because the comments are coming. And they won’t always be pleasant. I think he’s more mad because there may have been some truth in those comments.

      I used to get mad when I was younger, when my friends/neighborhood kids/relatives would tease me or talk about me. I’d lash out. My dad used to say “let them talk, you know it’s not true” or “let them say whatever they want as long as they don’t touch you”. People are going to say what they want about you. Let them…they don’t pay your bills, put a roof over your head, etc.

  11. I say put the post/comments back up to hold a mirror to they asses. Don’t coddle idiots, Jamari.

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