apparently, the dominican wolf who secured the bag is allegedly mad?

as a blogger,
i’ve come to realize people like to control the type of attention they receive.
they’ll post pictures or videos,
but when “theshaderoom“,
or even myself re-post it,
suddenly it’s:


that’s the alleged email i got about edgar and his sugar daddy bae

so check this scene.
i’m sitting on my bed,
getting ready for “game of thrones”,
and got this interesting email:

“Please remove this post the-dominican-wolf-who-secured-his-bag
It is illegal for anyone to copy the personal images. Registration isn’t needed to claim copyrights.

You need to take into consideration that you posts might hurt people. Mr. Gervais is being stalked with an influx of unwanted DMs and follow request due to this post.

Please I am asking you to remove it.



i was legit ANGRY 10 minutes into the damn show.
i had to ask foxholers if i was wrong.
the email didn’t come from any of the parties involved from the post.
it could have been spam,
but i decided to address it today.
so all those pictures came from a PUBLIC instagram.
they weren’t sent to me privately and i was being spiteful.
those pictures are all over edgar’s very PUBLIC instagram.
the sugar daddy bae’s instagram was tagged on one of the pictures too.
i didn’t go searching for it.
i legit clicked a button.
i figured this was alleged public knowledge for us to consume.
they are going to events and looked like they were damn near engaged.
was this supposed to be a secret?
that’s the part that has me confused.

Attention was received,
but I guess it was “too much attention” in one setting?

you would think i was going in on them within the entry.
if beyonce can’t post a picture without the blogs picking it up,
regular civilians like ourselves are nothing special.
if you don’t want attention over certain things,
send it to your friends.
if they leak the pictures,
then you have a snake in your circle.
get over yourself.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

32 thoughts on “apparently, the dominican wolf who secured the bag is allegedly mad?”

  1. Freedom of the press. If he’s so proud of his partner, why be mad.. Clearly if he’s angry he needs to examine why it bothers him. EF him. As they would say in Jamaica..” After him a no God…

  2. Tell de bwoi to go fuk himself. If the photos are on other public sites, U have the right to post them. Put him on ignore.

  3. His ass just feeling guilty because he’s not comfortable living the Life of a sex slave for coins. He’s embarrassed because most people probably thought they were dating and not this. Oh well he’ll be alright fuck him lol

  4. I can get where they are coming from. Maybe he doesn’t like the idea of ppl thinking he is fucking an old white man for money. We don’t know his situation or the old guys. I know your a blogger but it probably was too much for them and probably mad random for them to be featured on here. I get it’s a public Instagram but try and get where they are coming from. I guess put yourself in his shoes.

    1. ^if it was me in his shoes,
      i wouldn’t have posted him.
      that would have been my secret and only control what i want put out there.
      my ig would be private.

      your reasoning makes him sound stupid.

  5. I’m sorry I just can’t bring myself to even THINK about laying down with a white man! Yuck!!! I like my meat well done

  6. I don’t know man ,but I think you may need to check the terms of agreement for Instagram or any other social media page you get pictures from for your posts. If I recall correctly, according to the terms of agreement for Instagram, “just because a person upload their pictures to Instagram, doesn’t mean they give up their copyrights to their images.” A person uploading their pictures to Instagram, gives Instagram a licence to use their image.” In order words their image is copy written by Instagram’s licence to use their image, so I think technically, you could be infringing on their image copyright.

    I am not a lawyer however, I think that your doubling down on your decision to make the first post and to use their image again in your proceeding post many not be the more legally prudent thing to do.The potential legal issues I would be concerned about for you are; you’re infringing on someone’s copy written image, or that one day someone could possibly sue your for defamation of their character, because they were cost a job, or lost money because of a post on your site. My recommendation for you is that you get a monthly subscription to a legal consulting company such as “Legal Shield,” for about $20.00 a month you can get unlimited legal counsel regarding what you can or cannot post on your site that won’t put you in legal jeopardy, and other medial related issues.

    I also agree with “RUN” that perhaps you should place yourself in the people your posting about shoes, because you don’t know how your post may be impacting on them. Gossip websites like “The Shade Room”, “Lipstick Alley”, “Media Takeout”, are hit with cease and desist request everyday by people who don’t appreciate their being posted on their site, but we just don’t hear about them. I read the original post and from what I recall it sounds like the brother got a white sugar daddy to pay all of their bills, etc. I walked away from the post thinking that the brother sounded like an escort who sold his body and soul to the highest bidder. The question I have for you what will it cost you to just say “okay, I will remove the post, after a request to do so?” Also think about this if the alleged sugar daddy has money, he could decide to use some of his financial resources to come after you.

  7. I hope he’s stacking bank bc sugar daddies come and go. Be smart about the situation bc someone with cash is always in demand. You find a fitness model or trainer on every social media platform. Common supply n demand chain at work.

  8. That’s why you’re single and can’t hold down a job. Don’t compare your dusty blog to other mainstream blogs and websites. You’re so obsessed with Dominicans and none of them ain’t even looking your way. Stay in your lane.

  9. B!tch please. 🙄

    You’re out here on a Instagram PUBLIC page flaunting your travels and lifestyle with Daddy Casper and now you want us to cover our eyes? Um no ma’am.

    As for copyright material, I had to laugh out loud on that ridiculous shtt.. Those photos aren’t even his once he uploads them to Instagram. The user agreement states Instagram owns the material once it’s uploaded to their servers. They may use your shtt in ads or in any way they see fit. So if you’re not getting a copyright claim from Instagram themselves you might as well ignore that bullshtt. LOL

    1. **EDIT**

      While Instagram does not own your photos, they are granted the licensing agreements to said photos once you agree to their terms when signing onto your account.

  10. Back on April 19th Edgar captioned a pic “Love has me eating desert all the time” so maybe this a loving(May/December) relationship.Al Gervais according to his Linkedin started college in 1979 so he is probably about 57 or 58.Edgar is a grown ass man, if he wants to date a guy in his 50’s or 60’s more power to him.BTW IMO I think if he was dating Don Lemon who is a rich black guy in his 50s there would be less criticism.#loveislove 💘😄

  11. Look up “right to publicity”:

    “The right of publicity prevents the unauthorized commercial use of an individual’s name, likeness, or other recognizable aspects of one’s persona. It gives an individual the exclusive right to license the use of their identity for commercial promotion.“

    Your blog is technically “for profit” or commercial.

    Just remember just because someone steps out in public doesn’t mean they want FAME. Big difference. And for those people who don’t desire fame (unlike the attentionistos featured on this site) they shouldnt have to hide in order to be left alone. Moral of the story, give attention the folks who want it and let everyone else live their lives in peace. Everyone owns their right to publicity.

    1. @LC

      Two points:

      1. Instagram has very broad license rights: a non-exclusive, and royalty-free, transferable, worldwide license to use content that YOU post. This license means that you have given Instagram the right to use any of your photos for free, for any reason, anywhere in the world. Instagram can also give those rights to a third party.

      2. If an Instagram user has “PUBLIC FIGURE” on his/her profile they are no longer considered private citizens when it comes to the media/blogs. Therefore the “Right of Publicity” clause you mention would be invalid in this application.

      1. Nope. Wrong. This blog is not Instagram number 1. So their license rules don’t apply to an outside site/blog. In addition, Instagram did not license this person’s photos for use on this blog, the pictures were TAKEN from Instagram with Instagram’s permission, to be technical. Secondly, even public figures have at least some rights to their own publicity. So, a case could be made against Jamari — successfully— if someone wanted to push it hard enough. The media/blogs still have to abide by laws no matter how much they want to publicize anyone they want for their own purposes. Again, no one is entitled to someone else’s non-desire for publicity. And the domination of social media and the fascination with other people’s lives does not mean the public domain is a free for all. I can leave my bicycle in Times Square it doesn’t mean you have the right to steal it.

        1. @LC

          You’ve essentially rendered your first point moot. READ my second bullet point regarding the “Right to Publicity” clause. It nullifies your right to use this clause if YOU consider yourself a PUBLIC FIGURE (which tons of public Instagram pages are by default). You would therefore have no case or recourse against a news agency or blog who uses your photos under fair use. YouTubers do it everyday without garnering copyright strikes.

          As for your other point, while Instagram does not own your photos, it does has the license agreements to said photos. Which means Jamari shouldn’t lose a wink of sleep over some InstaGay’s PUBLIC photos unless he hears from Instagram’s legal department, not some queen with a Gmail account.

          1. Fair use isn’t a free for all. Fair use has conditions — none of which would apply under the purposes of this blog, technically.

            As for Youtubers, if the conditions for fair use weren’t met, yes, even they could — and do — receive copyright strikes if someone cared enough to make a valid claim.

            Lastly, I think the bigger question that has not been addressed is:

            Why not leave people alone who don’t want to be publicized? Like, is respecting someone’s wishes that big of a task for our nosiness? If someone doesn’t want to be publicized, even if they’re up to shenanigans, what about being kind enough to have a mentality of “you know what, I’ll respect your wishes. I’ll find a new subject to write about.”

            Again, not everyone wants to be famous! I mean, there is a reason we don’t know what Jamari looks like. He doesn’t want to be famous. And even if he put a picture out of him, should that make it okay for someone to publicize him around the world if he didn’t want that or give permission? Why not respect people’s wishes without making them have to resort to legal action?

            Is our thirst for being in people’s business and our nosiness just too damn important?

            That’s the real question that should be being talked about.

            Again, just because someone chooses to step out in public, they are NOT automatically fair game. You can be “public” and still have privacy rights. And gossip bloggers who don’t understand that will always be battling this issue.

          2. ^ya know,
            you make very interesting points.
            i’m actually glad we are having this discussion.
            it’s being led to a good debate.

            no one is becoming famous of this story.
            it’s two people in a alleged relationship.
            what was sent to me was it was an alleged “sugar daddy” situation.
            i have posted plenty of others in similar relationships via social media.
            the pictures are iphone shots of two folks going out.
            one has hinted this is an alleged relationship.
            it isn’t dl or anything of that nature.
            no one is saying their personal business.
            i could have been highlighting a relationship with two good looking gay males.

  12. Friends like these! A true friend will suggest caution when unsure about behavior that may cause another friend harm.My friends do this to me all the time, and although I may not always agree with them, I love them for their words of wisdom and concerns. Enablers, will continue to support someone as they blindly head towards a cliff, and talk about how foolish they were after they took the plunge. As I said in my post, I am not a lawyer, and I recommended that Jamari consider what he is doing ,and to consult with a lawyer to be certain that he isn’t placing himself in any legal jeopardy. That is sound advice, and I am not sure if the other posters who ridicule suggestions that Jamari be cautious in this matter are lawyers, but if so they should identify themselves as one !

    There are many facets of the law regrading copy write protection/infringement, that non-lawyers are not aware of that could be view as a violation of the law. At the end of the day it is Jamari,alone who will have to deal the consequences for his actions taken on his blog either positive or negative. As a constant lurker, I felt an obligation to alert Jamari, to some possible consequences of his actions, and as someone who wants what’s in his best interest.I shared my concerns.

  13. ya know,
    before i leave this comment,
    i want to thank blkpegasus and everyone else for their comments.
    so much to unpack here…

    it’s funny to me how these entries have gotten so out of control.
    you would have thought i dragged those two in the original entry,
    but i was very supportive of their union.
    sugar daddy or not,
    they seemed very public about it.
    if it was such a big deal in regards to it being an alleged “sugar daddy”,
    it could have been corrected with a simple email.
    a friend of a friend emailing me is very off.
    everyone is a lawyer and i’m left to wonder why is everyone so mad?
    you would have thought nudes were posted or something.
    it led to name calling and disrespect and i’m like:


    i don’t know and i’m at a loss for font.
    it’s all really bizarre at this point.

  14. are people mad at the comments?
    that is out of my control.
    are they mad because people have formed their own opinions on their union?
    people talk so…

    is this an issue of privacy or something else?
    i’m leaning to there is more to this because it doesn’t mean any kind of sense.

  15. lastly,
    if we are all in a tizzy over this,
    then we will be in a tizzy over everything else.
    from nudes,
    sex tapes,
    attentionistos with their drama,
    and anything else that might be “private” and “copyright”.
    sites won’t have content,
    tabloids won’t have stories,
    aunt wendy won’t have hot topics,
    and we will all just follow the rules.

    1. Jamari — I think you have to understand that there is nothing that says we have a right to gossip. Gossip bloggers aren’t a vital service to society. We tolerate gossipers, usually until they go too far. The world will go on just fine without nudes and sex tapes, tabloids and the Wendys of the world. Gossipers aren’t doing something noble for society. It always trips me out when I hear Wendy Williams speak of her job as a gossiper as if it’s an vital and mandatory role in society. A gossiper is a self-mandated job used to tell other people’s business — whether they want it out there or not. The social media era is not an excuse for a free for all. Things like copyright, privacy and all other laws designed to protect people are still alive and well. It’s just that in today’s society, people let more slide than in previous eras. And if you don’t want to follow the rules of society, then you can be mad when people break the rules to harm you in the areas of your life where you have boundaries or privacy. An eye for an eye.

  16. The word here is liability and every business comes with possible liability when serving the public. I think one of the possible lessons regarding this post is :Jamari as a business owner (this blog) are you setting yourself unknowingly for some type of legal jeopardy. The original contents on this site is mostly likely protected under Intellectual properties laws, that you may or may not be aware of. Not all criticism is bad or done with any malice, often times it is an expression of love. All, I was suggesting was to be present to all potential threats to your blogs from within and from without,

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