mandingo gucci showed up in texas with that big ass pipe and the rumors started after

people don’t realize the power of folk’s investigative skills.
i don’t call them the f-bi for nothing.
this is why when i’m creepin’,
and i don’t want people putting 2 x 2 together,
i just don’t post anything period.
about 4 foxholers sent me the following story.
i was sitting on it,
thinking it might out someone,
but it seems to not be the case.
this is why i tweeted this the other night:

mandingo gucci (^above) is known for his onlyfans content.
he has a big ass dick and an amazing stroke to go with it.
the f-bi started noticing who he seemed to have allegedly moved in with.
the rumors are “possibly more“…
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apparently, the dominican wolf who secured the bag is allegedly mad?

as a blogger,
i’ve come to realize people like to control the type of attention they receive.
they’ll post pictures or videos,
but when “theshaderoom“,
or even myself re-post it,
suddenly it’s:


that’s the alleged email i got about edgar and his sugar daddy bae

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mike shows us how to secure the “sugar daddy” bag (the right way)

 i wish i had a sugar daddy wolf i could call on when i needed help.
expensive threads and shoes are cool too,
but i always wished i had someone(s) wealthy in my corner.
if worst case scenario ever happened,
i could ask for help and it’d no big deal.
one day soon,
i’ll have those kinds of connects.
as much as folks act brand new to the idea,
everyone wants someone like that.
well mike,
in the ^above picture,
has one of those.
he met his sugar daddy on and was gifted…
this is what “daily mail” had to font…
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f0xmail: My Potential Sugar Daddy Wants Sex Too! Help!



Dear Jamari,

First and foremost I just want to let you know that I love your daily blogs. They’re on my top 5 “do to” lists whenever I decide to log on my laptop every morning. It’s nice to have a little haven where we can all relate in some way as black men in the LGBT community.

This is going to be a bit of a ride so buckled up..

Now here is the thing.. I am a 19 year old student and I currently live with my parents. They know I’m gay since I came out to them a year ago but they weren’t too pleased about it (duh) so ever since that day they pretty much brushed it under the rug and never spoke about it ever since. My father took it better than my mother, he thinks it’s a phase and my mother just walked out the room when I came out because she couldn’t take it. Nothing bad happened though, no insults/beatings etc. They just couldn’t wrap their heads around it so it got awkward. My brothers & sister took it well though. Needless to say I feel lost when it comes to having guidance being a black gay man. I feel like had I had a mentor or advice given to me while I was dealing with this then I wouldn’t have made a lot of the mistakes that I’ve made. Especially in my mid-teens.

Anyways, my supervisor at my retail job decided to end my contract a few days before Christmas so as you know I was really beat up about it. Needless to say a modelling agent who scouted me weeks before that just informed me that I got signed to my current modelling agency. However after a month in, I still haven’t gotten any talks about payments for the work that I did so I feel like I was sold a dream. So I don’t have much faith in it anymore..

So here comes to juicy part, I signed up to this site for Sugar Daddies/Babies called “Seeking Arrangement” all out of boredom and curiosity. I am 6’3, bronze complexion, have an athletic build & have a really chiseled bone structure. Now a couple guys have hit me up, and one guy who flew in my city yesterday to visit for business wants me to go on a date with him tomorrow. He let me know that as a part of our arrangement that physical intimacy will definitely have to happen at some point if I want to keep this arrangement going. This guy has a networth of more than $620,000. His profile stated that his networth was $6 mill. I’ll take that with a grain of salt though. He is average looking and he really wants to spoil me.

Here is the issue, I haven’t been paid in a while and I am in real need of quick money. I’m tired of asking my parents for money when I know they have to provide for my siblings too. I have needs. But there is a side of me that feels so grim for even going along with this. I feel like I was blessed with a life where I don’t need to do it and I feel lowkey immoral for it too. I was damn near depressed in class all day today thinking about it. I feel like I’ll be scarred for life if I have sex for money. Because that pretty much what having a Sugar Daddy is all about. But in the other side of my mind I was thinking about all the money that I could get.. I’m just so torn at the moment.

Any insight? Please


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The State Where All The Sugar Daddies Roam Free

Candy_Sugar_Daddy_Yellow_Babydollwe all like sugar daddies,
don’t we?
currently i’m looking for the best tasting one.
seriously tho,
they just had a poll on the best state to find a sugar daddy.
you will will never believe where…

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The Business of Being A Sugar Baby

So in order to get this:

This Wolf:

…was puttin it down on this:


Maybe I am in the wrong business…

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