The Business of Being A Sugar Baby

So in order to get this:

This Wolf:

…was puttin it down on this:


Maybe I am in the wrong business…

The world of being a sugar baby.

Isn’t it the best?

Anyone can be a sugar baby.

Foxes – you do not have to be ripped or buff.
Vixens – you do not have to look like Amber Rose.
Wolves – you… well you need a nice strong dick.

It seems that these days, you don’t really have to look any certain way. And if you are someone who only thinks about your “looks”, then you are pretty much a fool. I have seen the most busted and ordinary folks getting all their shit paid for just as I have seen the bold and the beautiful living the good life.

It is all the following:
some banging ass sex
=  jen ne se quois.

It worked for all of Madonna’s boy toys…
Kevin Federline….
Lil’ Kim (pre-plastic)…
Foxy Brown (when Jay was teaching her)…
Some male rappers fucking big time executives…
Tina (Chris Brown’s manager)…
a certain host of American Idol…
the list goes on and on and on and on and on…

To some, you look like a gold digger.
To others, you are a ho.
Fuck what they think.

In reality, you are smart.

You should know you deserve the best, right?

Some idiots go blowing money on Christian Louboutins, Cipriani, and Chanel.

And while all that is GREAT,
they take their new found “career” and start playing “Guess Who Is Better Than U?“.
Then haters start investigating and unraveling who they are fucking and then they get:

A smart sugar baby knows the value of half of that money goes into savings (10%; maybe 20%) while the other half should go into some investment.
Think big besides looking cute…
Maybe even assist your money maker to make more money.
A sugar daddy/mama likes someone who brings to the table rather than just spending what’s on the table…

Turn yourself into a brand, so when the muthafucka decides to drop your ass for a newer model, you can be sitting pretty on your business or the nice nest egg in your ING Savings.


Plus, if you play your cards right, you should have already made friends.
A happy Fox, Wolf, and Vixen knows to not cheat and fuck up a good thing.
But it is always good to have a starting 5 (we will talk about that later.)

Stay smart Foxes and Vixens.
Even my Wolves too because Lord knows you guys get paid to blow backs out these days.



8 thoughts on “The Business of Being A Sugar Baby

  1. i think most of them want a few shots in the spotlite. ya know everybody wants to be famous for a min. S/N if i was him ide start a wing shack chain lord knows we all love some wings

    1. he need to start a masseuse parlor.
      i’d be his first client.

      but i hope he is building because once his gig is up,
      he better find a new sugar mama.
      i heard him in an interview tho and he doesn’t appear to be very smart so we will see.

  2. you don’t always have to be fine to have that life.
    it isn’t about looks.
    why do think all these fat and/or queeny ugmos pullin sexy dudes?
    how many times so you see a beast with a prince charming?

    it’s all about swagg aka game.

      1. that too,
        but if you know what you are doing,
        you would have them so whipped,
        they would be blowing up your phone trying to find out why you didn’t call them back when you said you would.

        it is all in the name of game.
        if you don’t have it, you lose.
        you can learn because i am starting too.

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