a well behaved jamari often makes an impact

you never realize the impact you leave on people.
i know i don’t,
especially when it comes to co-workers.
i’ve learned they’ll be your “friend” when you’re there,
but as soon as you’re let go,
they’ll be on some “i don’t know her” in entire “mariah”.
when i got let go,
i sent an email to one of my co-workers to say goodbye the next day.
she didn’t respond so i put her in the “moving on” box.
the email i got today…

so i got her into one of my favorite shows,
game of thrones“.
she wanted something new to watch.

She got HOOKED and QUICK

every morning,
she would come straight to my desk and tell me about the episode(s) she watched.
it was so cute watching her go off on characters that she’d later cheer for.

in her email,
she told me how sad she was with me leaving.
the day before,
she was the last person i spoke to.
it took her a few days to even speak to the new person.
like i’ve been fonting,
she confirmed that my ex-bosses were pretty much assholes.
they’ve done shady shit to her and others in the office.
no one on the support staff likes them at all.
i told her they are both vying for the throne at that job.
one nitwit more than the other.
she was in fear i would tell my ex bosses what she was telling me,
but i told her that’s NOT my style.
anyone who knows me can verify i can keep a secret,
including other peoples.
how fucked up would i be to do something like that?
what made me smile was i use to have a wallpaper on my desk of “game of thrones”.
i’m a dork,
i know.
she sent the wallpaper to her own computer.

she ended with she is praying for me and hopes i can bounce back.
i thanked her for being kind and let her know my email is always open.

9 thoughts on “a well behaved jamari often makes an impact

  1. The email does not mean much if you cannot use her as a reference for a future job. Tell her to let you know that it’s real.

  2. I see you deleted the straight guy who did not want to be posted here. Maybe it’s time to post about gay men who would do business with you?

      1. Oh. Dominicans don’t care for Black people so I didn’t read up on him.

  3. My attitude about people in the workplace is that I. friendly, but I’m not looking for friends. Keep it professional. People are finicky, don’t expect much from them.

  4. It’s always good to have one real friend at work, especially when you work with the crazies. Jamari, good luck on your next chapter and keep putting God first.

  5. So good to hear that somebody you connected with at that job and whom you shared an interest with reached out to you. It’s also cool that you used the Game of Thrones analogy about the henchvixens. Karma is coming cold for them.

    PS: I just hope this former coworker didn’t write you on her work email, since companies’ IT depts or consultants often track those. Signal, WhatsApp, or even Snap but the message has to fully delete.

    1. ^nah,
      she waited to e-mail me from a personal one.
      she said the same thing you said.
      you can delete and then get the email back again.
      she didn’t want to take any chances.

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