Cam Newton Has A Good Monday Night

so guess who got an invite to the 2017 met ball last night?
that baller wolf right ^there.
mr. cam newton.
i bet he got a massive hard on when he saw his ticket.
he even landed on,
which took us through the visual process of him getting ready.
david ricks was the photographer who brought us all the baller wolfy goodness…

he looks good.
he is giving me a heavy “mad hatter” tho.
these are “behind the scenes” shots from his ig:

i love looking at his arms in this gif.
ya know,
i’m a little disappointed in cam’s outfit.
for someone who dresses the way he does,
i figured he would have went harder than this.
this was very safe for him.
i also expected him to be in actual theme as well.
he clearly looks like he is going to a tea party in wonderland.
i love this pic of him up in rihanna’s face courtsey bfa images:

i’d love to see what happened after this was snapped.

pictures courtesy: vogue | cam newton ig

Author: jamari fox

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13 thoughts on “Cam Newton Has A Good Monday Night”

  1. Let’s be real: The range of options for men is just limited. There will be pants, shirt, jacket, shoes, some type of neck wear, a hat, socks, drawers (or not). All you have left is color, cut and quality.

    For the event, he did well. I think it’s silly to expect anybody to be obsessive over fashion to the point of trying to please their clique or the masses.

    Mofo’s that haven’t given you a pair of socks poppin’ off bout how they feel about what you bought, paid for and are wearing. Siddown somewhere.

    1. ^They could’ve shown up like Pharrell, in ripped jeans, leather jacket and over-sized shirt!

  2. To be honest most of the men disappointed me with their met fashion choices. As far as Cam goes I prefer the bts look before he put the glasses and top hat on.

  3. Kam looks really good, but his fashion choices are horrible if you ask me. I believe he is capable of doing better.

      1. VERY strange. It’s like he tries too hard…but fails in the execution.

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