The Vixen Who Brought The Prom Date Everyone Is Talking About

so i wanted to talk about ^this vixen here with the foxhole.
she has a lot of criticism thrown her way on social media.
i wanted to know how you all felt about it.
so everyone meet 17 year old,
priscilla samey,
from minnesota.
well no one asked her to go to her prom so she decided to bring a date.
that is what has everyone talking.
this is who she brought…

her brought her acceptance letter to harvard as her date.
it has most on social media in a tizzy.
they are thinking she did it being a “attentionista” or “bragging”.
i even saw “her degrees isn’t gonna make her feel warm at night”.
i don’t see a problem.
should she have…

…stayed home and drowned herself in Chunky Monkey?

would that have made everyone comfortable?
she is headed off to one of the top colleges in the us.

while others were probably getting pregnant in the back of a honda accord,
she took a “depressing” situation and made it into something positive.
i woulda found a way to do a choreographed routine with that letter.
God is working with me on my petty.
i don’t understand the outrage tho.
so i had to ask the foxhole

Was she wrong for bringing her acceptance letter as her date?

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20 thoughts on “The Vixen Who Brought The Prom Date Everyone Is Talking About”

  1. No. I’m gagging. She has the right to brag. You brought a funky boy who is going to fuck you prom night and tell everybody about it the next day and she brought her life goal. *shrugs*

  2. Naw, nothin wrong with it, but jus sumn my modest ass wouldn’t do; I’ve typically let others toot my horn, but muchos kudos to her though fa sho!

  3. There are plenty of formal dances and balls that she will end up going. Prom isn’t all that but everyone loves to make it their priority to stunt for one night.

  4. I swear people find the craziest things to complain about. She said forget the knucklehead boys, I’ll take something that will be more satisfying in the long run than five minutes for the night.

  5. I’m too modest for that too but I’m not mad at her for doing it. I find it kinda funny but if I was one of the other students it would seem like bragging at the wrong time.

  6. Love it. Love it. Fuckin love it. These young boys will realize what they are missing when they become grandparents in their 30’s because of Prom night. And she put a graduation date on it for you haters.

  7. Good for her. Isn’t this the age of “Do You!?”

    BTW, for those in the back: long term, Undergraduates of Ivy League schools do not out earn those who matriculate from more accessible schools, particularly those who major in liberal arts.

    Graduating from an Ivy League Graduate/Professional School — $$$

  8. I’m not mad at all. you go girl.
    while everybody worrying about a dress and not worrying about there education.
    old girl show them.
    if anybody have a problem with that need to rethink some serious stuff.

  9. This story gave me ALL of my L.I.F.E.!!!!!!!! I will be to finding that post and blowing it up to poster size and putting it on my classroom dorm for the remainder of the school year!😎

  10. “I’m too modest for that” BYE with that mess if ya got it flaunt it. She created a memory for herself. Let her live please. That’s right girl you be content with success. Love is as important as breathing and sleeping but she’s in high school she has more than enough time.

  11. Not at all. As someone currently in college I can tell you most of the people you tell your goals to will say: “That’s right. Stay in school. Focus on your education. Don’t think about these girls/boys out here.” Her acceptance is just a precipitation of her hard work paying off. Yeah it can seem like bragging, but ain’t a girl wearing a slim fit dress showing off her this and that doing the same thing?

    And for all those snarky comments about her degree not keeping her warm at night:
    No, but it can open the door for her to be able to afford a nice, insulated apartment/house with an electric blanket or temperature controlled bed that can.
    And her degree also won’t get her pregnant, skip out on child support, cheat on her with her bff, brag about how it finally nailed her, etc. I know that having a career/education ain’t everything in life but neither is being in a relationship (if it’s even a relationship).

  12. Wow I couldn’t be believe all the negativity I seen about this! The crazy part is this girl is beautiful and very intelligent and is in the making of becoming something great with herself! You can never win with people it’s sad but true. You have to really accept and love your self and have tough skin and no fucks to some extent because if you don’t you will lose yourself! I’m happy for her and congratulations! Some people can’t even get a SUNY and she got into Ivy League! Well done my beautiful black sister ♥️

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