Put Your Lips On This and Drink Slow (My Lemonade)


*smacks lips*
ain’t nothing like a nice glass of lemonade.
my cousin hybrid and i were talking about this new beyonce album today.
he wasn’t a big beyonce fan before,
but this album lured him in.
he isn’t quite in the hive tho.
well he broke the album down pretty legit.
the thing i love about him is his exceptional eye for detail.
i had to agree with him during our mini debate.
it had me like “ooooooohhhhh this tastes so good”

tumblr_o650g7QOkG1qdla50o1_250it’s no doubt beyonce is singing the songs of a vixen scorned.
no denying it.
the visual aspect is a metaphor for her relationship.
as black vixens are oppressed and ignored in society,
beyonce feels the exact same way in her marriage.
she uses the backdrop of southern heritage,
and shows images of the poor,
to explain how she feels in her sadness.
she even used the line:

“becky with the good hair”

…putting a spotlight on all these black wolves and their love for lighter.
don’t even get me started on her blowing up the “side chick” trend.
she is also fighting and struggling with the notion:

“this muthafucka cheated on the hottest b-itch in the game.
how dare he!?”

well you know the saying:

“show me a beautiful vixen and i’ll show you the wolf tired of fucking her.”

tumblr_o64c6seYwn1rtup1qo3_500 tumblr_o64c6seYwn1rtup1qo4_500in typical b fashion,
it’s all about “her”.
as it should.
it’s her art and she can convey the message how she chooses.
you need to be a lot of self absorbed when telling your story.

that is how i relate to the concept of “lemonade”.
beyonce used the bitterness of lemons,
being cheated on and the betrayal after,
to form an exceptional and vulnerable bawdy of work.
her lemonade was “forgiveness of an ain’t shit wolf”.
db74ee1580a00dacc54f6dd5a6e76c2d.480x200x26i used all of the shit of the last few years,
being “nice” and chasing things that may not have been real,
to turn my future into a tall tasty glass of lemonade.
those who are deserving of me will want to drink up.
i been know to quench a few thirsts.
all of this self help is helping me turn into a more powerful fox.
see how that works?
i always find inspiration in the damnedest things.
kudos b.

lowkey: this is our interpretation of her art.
everyone will see something different.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

4 thoughts on “Put Your Lips On This and Drink Slow (My Lemonade)

  1. I really love this album. For some reason my friends and I thought the songs were all about what her mom Tina went thru with Matthew. But after listening to the album again (without the visuals) it sounds like she has been thru it with In her marriage.

  2. I pretty much came to the same conclusions, at first I didn’t really want to believe it because she so secretive with her private life I didn’t think she would actually share anything like that to the public. I actually thought she was just playing a character for the sake of the visual album.

    As it went on the more it dawned on me that there’s no way there’s not some truth to the songs she singing about. It was too Raw and Personal for it to be simply her playing a role.

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